Meanwhile, elsewhere at ComicsPRO: Fighting with Chuck Palahniuk and heading for the Boom RV


The press isn’t allowed at ComicsPRO, but who needs reporters when you have social media? Faith Eein Hicks made a moving speech about Strange Adventures, her local comics shop, and Fight Cub 2 author Chuck Palahniuk charmed people by fighting with them. Here’s a twitter snapshot of what else has been going on, mixed with […]

ComicsPRO: Dark Horse announces Cullen the barbarian, new all-ages Gail Simone and Moebius Library Vol. 1


Some Dark Horse news comics out of the ComicsPRO presentation: • Cullen Bunn and Sergio Dávila are taking over Conan with a new #1, Conan the Slayer, due in July. Lee Bermejo will provide covers, and MArk Schultz does the variant for issue #1. Conan the Slayer #1
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Sergio Dávila
Cover: Lee Bermejo
Variant: Mark […]

ComicsPRO underway in Portland—is DC’s Rebirth on the agenda?


Here's part of the ComicsPro swag bag. — matt roberts (@mr_oberts) February 18, 2016 ComicsPRO, the annual meeting of the top retailers organization in North America, is taking place in Portland, OR for the next three days, with publishers and retailers meeting in a relaxed and productive setting. The meeting is closed to the […]

Wal-mart may set up their own graphic novel sections


Despite the jitters everyone is having about the Big Two’s periodical publishing programs, as we reported the other day, graphic novels did pretty well in 2015, with sales up 22% in bookstores. Calvin Reid follows up on this sanguine report with an interview with Diamond Book Distributions Kuo Yu Liang, who says
2016 will probably be their best year ever.:

Are we seeing the twilight of the “Big Two”?


We’ve been keeping an eye on threats of eroding comics sales that may spell trouble ahead for the comics industry, and it isn’t just Brian Hibbs any more. Big Bang Comics in Dublin, Ireland went on a tweet-storm yesterday criticizing not only DC’s anemic relaunch but Marvel’s increasingly tepid flood of titles no one is […]

A case study in longevity: The Badger vs Don Winslow of the Navy (PLUS PAUL POPE)


Recently I posted a news item about the new Badger book from Devil’s Due having low orders. Writer/creator Mike Baron reached out to me about it, and I presume he reached out to some other folks who remember the Badger from his 80s run. Part of the Capitol Comics/First Comics indie era, The Badger was […]