Star Clipper Comics has been resurrected in St. Louis


It was a sad day for St. Louis comics fans when Star Clipper Comics closed down in January, but a happier day when owners of a local comics shop chain have resurrected the name with fixtures and employees. Hoping to fill the void left by Star Clipper’s closure, Steve Unverferth and Tony Favello, co-owners of […]

Oni promotes three as it ramps up


Oni has just announced the promotion of three of its editors in preparation for new creator owned and licensed titles. While all the promotions are well deserved, they might also serve as a preemptive hedge against DC’s talent raid on West Coast editorial offices. The short version: Charlie Chu has been promoted to Senior Editor, Robin Herrera to Editor, and Ari Yarwood to Associate Editor. And the books they will be working on include Kaijumax, Invader Zim and Rick and Morty. PLUS they got portraits by John Allison! It is a day of winning.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 3/16/15: Costumes aren’t forever


§ For everyone foaming at the mouth over the new DC costumes, here’s a reminder that Wonder Woman once wore biker shorts, people. In other words, changing clothes is like death in comics—it’s all temporary. § Greg Matiasevich at Multiversity has a very thorough round-up of thoughts and developments in the New Mexico mother who […]

Roz Chast wins National Book Critics Circle Award for Best Autobiography


Roz Chast: "I told my agent that I would bet the lives of my 2 parrots that I wasn't going to win." #NBCC. — Ron Charles (@RonCharles) March 12, 2015 Roz Chast had an incredible 2014 as her book Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? topped best seller list, garnered award nominations left […]

Cartoonist Irwin Hasen passes away at age 96


Word is going around on Facebook today that Dondi co-creator Irwin Hasen has passed away at the ripe old age of 96. Hasen was best known for Dondi, the tale of a WW II orphan who brings joy to the live of those around him. The strip was turned into a movie in 1961. He was presented with an Eisner Award last year.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 3/13/15: Breaking the $5 barrier


§ Ryan Holmberg’s obituary for Tatsumi Yoshihiro is a must read, not only as a personal remembrance of the man and who he affected the author, but as a history of how one creator can influence an entire medium. Tatsumi is obviously a great cartoonist and an important cartoonist, but the road was bumpy, sometimes […]

nuDC: Batman is a robot, Wonder Woman is Captain Wolverine and Superman put on jeans


This week DC has been revealing new looks for its core characters, including some startling fashion changes. The new looks have been revealed in various places We’ve cobbled it all up for you below but here’s the shorter version:

ReedPOP launches in China with Shanghai Comic Con


Yesterday we learned that New Jersey is getting a comic-con…and so is China! ReedPOP is launching the Shanghai Comic Convention which will be held in just two months, May 16 and 17th at the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing.

More personnel moves: Hudlin, Delsante, Igle, Jacks


Some other people joining and moving on up of late: § Reginald Hudlin has joined the CBLDF Board of Directors. In addition to directing House Party and producing Django Unchained, Hudlin has written comics including a year long run on Black Panther. He’s also one of the principals behind the Milestone relaunch. In a statement, […]

Jamie S. Rich joines Vertigo as Senior Editor


Yes, it's true. I have joined @vertigo_comics as Senior Editor. Today was my first day. Lots of exciting things in the works. Stay tuned. — Jamie S. Rich (@jamieESrich) March 12, 2015 Wait'll they get a load of me. — Jamie S. Rich (@jamieESrich) March 11, 2015 Continuing their social media transparency on new […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 3/12/15: Comics art in museums, what’s up with that?


§ Hall of fame artist Bernie Wrightson has had a bunch of recent health setbacks, and now what appears to be a cancerous brain tumor. However the prognosis is excellent and he hopes to make upcoming con appearances. Best wishes to Wrightson for a full recovery. George Lucas stopped by Midtown Comics today! #StarWars […]

Legendary Dark Horse editor Diana Schutz is retiring


[Photo via Comicvine] After 25 years working on some of the most seminal comics of the era with many of the greatest creators, Diana Schutz is retiring on Friday, as announced in a talk with CBR’s Josie Campbell. Schutz is truly one of the legends of the business, a consummate professional, a visionary editor, and, […]

Cheep comics: Marvel reveals covers for $1 budget introductory line True Believers


This story first dropped in January but we must have been having blizzard or something. Anyway, in an effort to sell more comics, Marvel has introduced a line of bargain priced $1 introductory issues for a number of tried and true story lines. It’s called True Believer and the books go on sale in April.

The books go back to some classic story lines like Civil War, Planet Hulk—and just for the PS3 generation, Powers (debuting tonight!) Presumably these jump on board spots will enable new reads to join in the Secret Wars fun.

Digital imprint Comicker launches with five series


Another new line of digital comics? Yes. Comicker, founded by Saori Adams and Sean E. Williams (Fairest) as a plat form to serialize digital comics. Collections can be purchased at DriveThru and eventually Comixology and a subscription mobile app, developed by The Horizon Factory. Adams:

Rebecca Taylor joins DC Comics editorial staff


So @BexTay has done some of my favorite Archaia books and now she's working with me at DC. I'm thrilled and know she's gonna teach me a lot. — Andy Khouri (@andykhouri) March 9, 2015 ….aaaaaand as we long ago predicted, DC is raiding a few players from the locals, in this case Boom!/Archaia by […]

Slate’s Cartoonist Studio Prize nominees announced


Slate and the Center for Cartoon Studies have teams up for the third annual Cartoonist Studio Prize nominees. Awards and a $1,000 prize are given to the best in two categories print and webcomics, with nominees selected by people from boh Slate and CCS. This year the pickers were Slate Book Review editor Dan Kois, […]