Interview: Regular Show creator JG Quintel on indie comics and cartoons

A chat with JG Quintel, creator of Cartoon Network’s Regular Show about British TV sensibility, the Leprechaun Movies, and why good indie comics artists can also make for good animators. Featuring a special guest appearance by Regular Show storyboarder and cartoonist, Benton Connor.

Scott Pilgrim is back in full-color hardcover reprint

All of you Scott Pilgrim fans, here’s a whole new edition to purchase and display with pride—a reprint of the one that started it all, SCOTT PILGRIM’S PRECIOUS LITTLE LIFE, in full color by Nathan Fairbairn, in a deluxe 6×9 hardcover. AND a new cover! The news was announced at tonight’s spotlight on creator Bryan Lee O’Malley at ECCC.

Emerald City What's What

ECCC kicks off today in Seattle and while we can’t be there in person (alas, longing for those Puget oysters), we have a few folks walking the floor and sending back reports. This is a full service con with 140 panels and a great guest line-up including Robert Kirkman, Marc Silvestri, Bryan Lee O’Malley, Scott Kurtz, Kelly Sue DeConnick and more.

New logo alert: Oni Press

Two is a trend! Oni Press has just announced a new logo replacing the Dave Gibbons-designed original. The new logo was designed by Oni Press art director Keith A. Wood and will first appear on THE SECRET HISTORY OF D.B. COOPER, which comes out in March.

Courtney Crumrin in color for the first time

While you may be in full-on holiday panic mode, there’s always spring…and Halloween. Next spring’s Courtney Crumrin, Volume 1: The Night Things, Special Edition will see the sardonic young monster-hunter in color for the first time. Ted Naifeh’s all ages gothic waif is one of the first — and the best — of this sub-genre of comics, and it looks great in color by Warren Wucinich.

NYCC news rewind: Oni to reissue Courtney Crumrin

This story by Brigid Alverson on kids comics news at NYCC 11 is chock-a-block full of newsy bits, but we’ll just spotlight the Oni news here:


PETROGRAD is an upcoming GN by Phil Gelatt and Tyler Crook about the death of Russian strongman Gregorii Rasputin, coming in August. Oni released some preview pages here:

Oni promotes Chu and Beaton

Oni has just announced the promotion of Jill Beaton and Charlie Chu to full editors.

“For the last year both Jill and Charlie have given their all to Oni Press as associate editors and integral parts of our editorial team,” editor in chief James Lucas Jones said in a statement. “They each have taken on added responsibility, working with established Oni creators on stellar books and reaching out to bring new creators into the Oni fold.”

To Do tonight: Ivy release party at Floating Worlds

More info here.

Coming Attractions: February 2011

February has only 28 days, but is jam-packed with lots of great graphic novels and related titles!

Warning… looking at what appears so far on, the rest of 2011 is going to be just as amazing! Click this link to discover more! (Sweet Kirby Crackle! Corto Maltese, in English, from Rizzoli?!) Better start shopping for bookshelves now.

Afternoon reading: Sean Murphy's Off Road – update

Before there was JOE THE BARBARIAN, there was Sean Murphy’s OFF ROAD, the story of some guys on a weekend trip that becomes, by turns, confessional and dangerous. Kind of like the Breakfast Club in a jeep. IDW has released a new edition today — the original was published by Oni. More proof that when you OWN YOUR WORK you can keep making money off it.

Afternoon reading: James Stokoe's Wonton Soup, Fire for Effect

Artist James Stokoe continues his assault on the predictable tedium of corporate comics with a huge art post including an ORC STAIN preview, pages from a WONTON SOUP spin-off and FIRE FOR EFFECT, a complete story he once submitted to HEAVY METAL. The latter is NSFW.

Coming Attractions: November 2010

By Torsten Adair The following is a selection of new comics titles due to be published in November 2010. This list is not comprehensive, as there are over 350 books scheduled. Instead, I have selected titles which caught my interest.  If you would like to browse forthcoming graphic novels and related books at your leisure, […]

31 Days of Halloween: Steve Rolston

A spooky image from GHOST PROJEKT, the Oni Press book by Joe Harris and Steve Rolston. Colors by Dean Trippe.

NYCC 10: Oni #2331


Oni Press is in New York for NYCC 2010! Oct 8th – 10th we’ll be strutting our stuff at booth #2331. Come by and check out our eclectic library of titles including the con premieres of:

Scott Pilgrim's finest sales chart: 1 million in print

It was a wise man who said that comic book movies function as $20 million advertisements for graphic novels…and in the case of the Scott Pilgrim series it is certainly true.