Redesigns, rebranding sweep over the comics media landscape: who will survive?


Old New While I was running around last week, Newsarama rolled out its redesign, which isn’t really that different from the old site, as you can see above. Bigger pictures, more modern look. TBH, the navigation is actually a little better, so this gets the IMPROVED! rating from us. The funny symbol was just the […]

Today The Beat is 12!


We celebrate the Beat’s anniversary on July 1st every year, and guess what? We’re 12! I don’t have too much to say this year, because I’ve been saying it all for a while. These are tough days for tough people but we made it this far and had a blast doing it. But the Beat […]

Comics Journalism: You get what you pay for


We lost another one yesterday. David Harper of the oft-linked to and discussed Sktchd sitecalled it quits after a year of think pieces, surveys, podcasts and charts. He’ll continue doing his podcast after a break for the warm Alaskan summer, but those long investigations are a thing of the past. The reasons were the usual: burnout from writing about what you love.

Help Wanted: The Beat is looking for a few good reporters for New York Comic Con


Speaking of crowds and branding, we have a FEW openings for staff reporters for The Beat’s coverage of the 2016 New York Comic Con on October 6-9.

NYCC has cracked down on the number of press passes this year, so I know a lot of good people have been left out. We have been given a handful of slots to fill up, so here’s your chance.

What we need:

We’re back and Leaping right into things with Batroc!


We survived the server move! Did you miss us? Don’t lie! A lot more change and improvement lie ahead but we’re settling into our new IP nicely. And it’s Leap Day! What better way to celebrate than with a salute to Batroc…the Leaper! This Captain America villain was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and appeared in Tales of Suspense #75. A French kickboxing champion he has no superpowers…save the ability to talk in a horrible French accent and…to leap!

We interrupt this website


The Beat is planning to move servers some times over the weekend, so there may be weirdness, drama, UFO sightings or other unexplained phenomenon during this period. Please, stay in your homes and stay tuned to the emergency band of your radio to listen for instructions.

You are your environment: Louise Bourgeois, Julia Wertz and the eternal mini-comic problem


Storage: the secret shame of the comics world. Like many in the comics industry I’m a bit of a packrat (to put it mildly) and getting free books all the time doesn’t help. (Tough life, I know.) I was recently reminded of this by a couple of stories. In one, Brooklyn cartoonist Julia Wertz’s tiny […]