Wizard World sues Stephen Shamus for $1 million, but who are the 10 ‘John Does’


Say it ain’t so, Norman Reedus. Last week convention company Wizard World fired their Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Shamus, and they filed suit against him. The suit alleges that Shamus used his position to obtain more than $1 million worth of signed memorabilia and collectibles from Wizard World guests which he then sold. A sweet set-up for some extra cash, if true.

Legal Tussle: Marvel’s Perlmutter claims tennis lawsuit foe may have stolen Donald Trump’s DNA


As you know, we’re a little obsessed with secretive Marvel chairman Isaac “Ike” Perlmutter here, probably because he is so darned secretive. And for a while we’ve been reporting on the crazy lawsuit involving Ike’s Florida neighbor, Harold Peerenboom, who lives in the same super swanky West Palm Beach FL condo development. The details of […]

Emerald City Comic Con faces a class action suit over non-payment of volumnteers


Seattleish has a thorough report on a class-action lawsuit filed by volunteers, known as “minions” for the 2014 and 2015 Emerald City Comic Cons. Minions worked varius duties in exchange for access to the convention, an action that many joyfully accepted. However the use of unpaid labor to keep massive conventions running (ECC drew over […]

Review: Japanese artist Rokudenashiko charts the real obscenity in her memoir


Just yesterday it was reported that a Japanese court had found artist Rokudenashiko’s vagina figurines to be considered art and not obscenity, but less stressed in the headlines was that the court also found her guilty of “distributing digital data of indecent material” and hit her with a fine. It’s that last case that is […]

Rokudenashiko, the vagina kayak artist, is fined ¥400,000 for obscenity


We’ve been telling you about the legal woes of Japanese artist Rokudenashiko for a while now. She was convicted of obscenity for selling prints of a 3D scan of her intimate area but had not been sentenced. Now, just a few days before her appearance at TCAF, she’s been fined ¥400,000 by a Tokyo Court, about US$3717.