PERSONAL #1: Single man found in comics

We won’t out this blogger, except to say that Time Out New York has deemed him one of New York’s most ELIGIBLE bachelors: Brian H., 28; blogs editor for PC Magazine and editor-in-chief of The Daily Cross Hatch; Astoria, Queens Why he’s a great catch: “I say funny things and know things about stuff. I’m […]

Did Comic-Con spat break up Twilight duo?

Even as Twilight campers were cleaning up after two days in the wilderness, an attempt at a Comic-Con reunion between Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson went awry after Stewart learned of his affair with Emilie de Ravin, tabs are saying. (de Ravin plays the erstwhile Claire on Lost.) The duo had dallied during […]

Gerard Butler has gone soft, SOFT I tell you

We’re pretty exhausted here at SBM. Not only are we putting the finishing touches on THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY graphic novel we’ve been editing in our space time, but this whole man vs. woman thing is surprisingly EXHAUSTING! Jeez louise, once you mention “boobs” you unleash a raging flood of bottled up angst and anxiety! We […]

Harry Potter’s wild ride

The battle over who gets to build the Harry Potter theme park has been raging, and Universal was the winner, defeating Disney. However, Disney Watcher Jim Hill explains that due to J.K. Rowling’s stringent demands, Disney may be just as glad. So how’s about instead that I say that Ms. Rowling was reported to be […]