Acquisition madness hits comics companies: DC, Dynamite, Marvel, Dark Horse, Oni and more!!!


With comics sales stalling out after a sustained period of growth, many comics publishers are looking to get out while the getting is good. it’s no secret that many companies have been in it to be acquired by a larger media company, and today’s revelation of the shocking DC-buys-Dynamite rumour, has sent many more of […]

The Safe Haven of Batman


Some early morning ramble to go with your coffee. While all around us creators are struggling with editors, artists are flying from one series to another every three issues, books are chopped and movies are cut – there is a little oasis in the middle of the DC desert. Batman.

Scratching the Surface of Thought Bubble 2012


This weekend saw Thought Bubble 2012’s convention, and…. phew, it was busy. I did my best to talk to everybody, but don’t think I managed to get to even half of all the people who were there. It was a brilliant show, and I’ll try to do justice to it with my rundown. Get ready….!

Rob Liefeld announces he uses Facebook


In a rush for an attention getting headline, instead of checking with the most accessible comics pro on Twitter, another site this morning announced Rob Liefeld was retiring from comics, after seeing a Facebook comment Ethan, I am retired from comics but you have my blessing, it would look great if you drew it Upon […]

Casting news: Harry Osborn and Mary Jane to appear in Amazing Spider-Man 2


Variety are reporting on a few early casting movements being made by Sony ahead of production starting for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which is planned to eventually become a trilogy. In addition to the current main pairing of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone (as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy respectively) comes news that Sony are now starting up […]

Marcos Martin has a new secret project with Brian K. Vaughan

When the news came that Marcos Martin was leaving Marvel to pursue creator-owned projects, the world wondered just what exactly those projects could be. Martin’s work on Amazing Spider-Man and Daredevil was rightfully acclaimed, with awards thrown at him every time he walked into a convention room. Perhaps literally. While we may not know what his new […]

Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson in talks to play Ms Marvel?


Those two most reliable sources in the world The Daily Mail and Bleeding Cool are today suggesting that Joss Whedon has already started the casting for Avengers 2. An interesting claim, especially as they seem to think that Whedon’s first casting move is to find a Ms Marvel for the film. Not Captain Marvel – […]

Cartoonist leaves publisher in tears over plans to film sex with others

Surprise! It’s Shia LaBeouf and his girlfriend Karolyn Pho, who handles the business side of LaBeouf’s Campaign Book comics publishing company. LaBeouf is making a Lars Von Trier film called Nymphomaniac which may require him to film actual sex acts, which is a step up from the torture and blinding and other miseries which actors in von trier films must often endure. Whatever happens, we’re sure Shia will make a comic about it.

Tom Brevoort: Journey Into Mystery will continue

Tom Brevoort may have just confirmed that Journey Into Mystery won’t be ending after Kieron Gillen leaves…

PERSONAL #3: Haspiel/Galifiniakis — the cosmic connection

This week’s New Yorker contains many things comics … a cover by Ivan Brunetti, a print ad for the Vertigo Crime Line (props to DC for outside-the-box marketing) and a story on HBO’s upcoming series Bored to Death in Brooklyn. The show is notable because it is written by sometimes comics scripter Jonathan Ames, and […]

PERSONAL #2: Chris Weston, crimefighter

Artist Chris Weston is no stranger to mayhem, having drawn THE FILTH, THE TWELVE, and many more beloved comics classics. Doubtless the ninja training of working with Grant Morrison and JMS has honed his senses into the lightning fast reflexes he needed to actually solve a crime! After witnessing a robbery at his local bank, […]

PERSONAL #1: Single man found in comics

We won’t out this blogger, except to say that Time Out New York has deemed him one of New York’s most ELIGIBLE bachelors: Brian H., 28; blogs editor for PC Magazine and editor-in-chief of The Daily Cross Hatch; Astoria, Queens Why he’s a great catch: “I say funny things and know things about stuff. I’m […]

Did Comic-Con spat break up Twilight duo?

Even as Twilight campers were cleaning up after two days in the wilderness, an attempt at a Comic-Con reunion between Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson went awry after Stewart learned of his affair with Emilie de Ravin, tabs are saying. (de Ravin plays the erstwhile Claire on Lost.) The duo had dallied during […]

Let’s start out the day RIGHT: STAR TREK premiere photos

The world premiere of the new STAR TREK movie was held Tuesday night in Sydney, Australia (apparently because director JJ Abrams just likes Sydney), and it was the occasion for one of our greatest dreams to COME TRUE. Karl Urban and Eric Bana — TOGETHER, SIDE BY SIDE. Karl Urban! Eric Bana! Sadly, they were […]

Rumours updates: Kodansha, Tpop, Wizard, etc etc.

§ Japanator weighs in on the Kodansha mystery with a pretty unequivocable Rumor squashed: Kodansha not making a move into the US market, based on a conversation with Ali Kokmen of Del Rey Manga. After a bit of a laugh at it, Ali told me that it was totally false. He was at BEA, and […]

Gerard Butler has gone soft, SOFT I tell you

We’re pretty exhausted here at SBM. Not only are we putting the finishing touches on THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY graphic novel we’ve been editing in our space time, but this whole man vs. woman thing is surprisingly EXHAUSTING! Jeez louise, once you mention “boobs” you unleash a raging flood of bottled up angst and anxiety! We […]