Hugh Jackman promotes Free Comic Book Day Again in new video


A new PSA with mutton-chopped yet still somehow dreamy Hugh Jackman urging us to check out free comics. Much better than last time in 2009, where an outdoor Hugh seemed to have been caught as he was about to go behind a bush to take a whiz. This one has lighting and sound and everything.

The Ten Best Free Comic Book Day Comics You Need To Read This Saturday


This year, publishers have distributed fifty-two titles for Free Comic Book Day this Saturday. While it is not uncommon for many comics shops to order all of the titles, it is becoming common that most comics shops anticipate large crowds of customers.  While this is a good thing, it means that the stores must limit the […]

Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day Issue is INFINITY by Hickman and Cheung


Free Comic Book Day is coming up, and Marvel have today revealed what their release is going to be – Infinity, by Jonathan Hickman and Jim Cheung. This looks like a prelude to the oft-rumoured cosmic event Marvel will be running in Autumn (why have just one event a year?). However, strangely enough there’s no […]

Free Comic Book Day Silver Sponsors unveiled


The Silver level sponsors for 2013’s Free Comic Book Day have been revealed and it’s an eclectic mix, as usual. The Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) Committee is pleased to announce the complete list of Gold and Silver Sponsors and their comic books available for FCBD 2013, which will be held Saturday, May 4, 2013. […]

Dandelion Seeds: The Return of Halloween Comics!

___________________________________________________________________________ A few months ago, I brainstormed about how Halloween mini-comics being offered by Diamond could be used in a variety of ways to promote comics and have some fun!   (Read that again… there are event suggestions and a timeline there, which I’ve paralleled below, but did not exactly duplicate.) During C2E2, Diamond announced that […]

Free Comic Book Day 2012: Reviews!

I read (almost) every Free Comic Book Day title, and let you know what’s the best!

3 Days Left: Free Comic Book Day Highlights

With only 3 days remaining till this year’s Free Comic Book Day, here’s a peek at a few of the freebies coming to you!

Dandelion Seeds: Halloween and the Holidays

What’s better than getting free candy on Halloween? Free comics! I offer some crazy ideas for retailers and lovers of comics, using Halloween as the inciting incident to tell a great story about marketing comics!

The Future of the Floppy?

A hardcover comic book! Which costs more like a comic, but looks more like a book! And the first one is free!

2012 Free Comic Book Day t-shirt features Jim Lee art

Following in the footsteps of Sergio Aragones and Darwyn Cooke, Jim Lee will provide the art for next year’s commemorative Free Comic Book Day t-shirt, with an homage to the JLA and Jose Luis Garcia Lopez. The shirt will be on sale in comic shops on April 11, in advance of Free Comic Book Day on May 5, but can be preordered via the January Previews.

Full lineup of 2012 Free Comic Book Day books announced

We already gave you the Gold Sponsor books, but here’s the entire Free Comic Book Day 2012 lineup, including everything from kids books to Gilbert Hernandez. More information on all titles available at the FCBD site.

Free Comic Book Day 2012 Gold Sponsor titles announced

Here’s what you’ll be getting gratis next May 5th — you’ll note it’s a mostly family friendly line-up of tested characters — and Marvel is, not surprisingly, sending out am Avengers book and DC is sticking with The New 52.

Free Comic Book Day 2011 by the numbers: $1.5 million in publicity

Free Comic Book Day founder Joe Field looks back on this year’s event (no permalinks) with some numbers:

Free Comic Book Day 2011: A Look Back

So, this tenth Free Comic Book Day, I looked back at the first FCBD and consider it was a seminal day in the history of comics. I consider it a pivotal day, as three different aspects of comics converged into a synchronicity which continues to affect and drive the comics industry. Those three aspects: mass-market retailing among specialty comics shops, graphic novels, and comics movies. As with most historical events, there are multiple events which foreshadowed and pioneered the moments and movements which coalesced the weekend of May 3, 2002.

Free Comic Book Day 2011 news roundup

By all accounts, it was one of the biggest Free Comic Book Days yet, with most stores reporting “sell-outs” early on and crowds and — importantly — SALES that rivaled their biggest days ever. It was also a media event as over 200 news stories show.

Where will YOU be on Free Comic Book Day?

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, May 7th, 2011! And there are very likely some comics-related festivities happening in your area, or at the very least some free comic books.

There are way too many happenings to cover here. Diamond has a master list of events, including interviews by Darwyn Cooke and Humberto Ramos and the FCBD site has a monster list of signings organized alphabetically by state!