SD10: All the Top Cow news we are now allowed to print

Embargoed until the Top Cow panel happening right about now, we can now share all the latest Top Cow news.

Top Cow is reviving Minotaur Press as an imprint for its more “independent-styled series”. Upcoming Minotaur projects are ECHOES by Joshua Hale Fialkov and artist Rahsan Ekedal

News: Larson/Pantoja, Anime Expo, more Marvel digital, Humanoids

Hope and Tintin, Anime Expo’s diminished manga presence, and what is Marvel thinking of NEXT for their digital publishing?

DC digital fallout: Royalty war

Lots of reaction and ripples from yesterday’s announcement that DC was at long last joining the digital world with their DC Comics apps for iPad, iPhone and PSP. One of the more amusing developments came from the news that DC was definitely including creator royalties for digital sales, as announced in a widely leaked memo […]

If the new DC Comics app keeps crashing your device…

Try downloading the DC Comics via the regular comiXology app. ComiXology’s David Steinberger promises an update via Twitter: we’re updating the app with apple now, we have found a bug with early iPods and iPhones.

DC Comics launches iPad/iPhone app — with day-and-date — UPDATED

Quietly in the night, with no fanfare, coming in on little cat feet, DC Comics has launched an application for iPhone and iPad. The app was developed by ComiXology, which also launched the Marvel and Boom comics apps, and the DC version has a similar interface.

Initial offerings include free comics: several stories from Batman Black & White, including one by Ted McKeever, Bayou from Zuda, and a preview of today’s Superman #700. Paid offerings — priced at the Marvel standard of $1.99 — include the first issues of Sandman, Unwritten, Fables and The Losers, issues of Fringe, and a bunch DCU issues, including all four issues of Justice League: Generation Lost — the first three issues are priced at $1.99, while issues 4 — arriving in stores today — is priced at cover price of $2.99.

Oops, one more digital link: THEY ARE ALL AROUND US

Brian Hibbs has another retail-focused take on digital which begins: I had kind of hoped I was done talking about digital, for at least a little while, but I think there are still bits that people are confused enough about that staying on the topic for another month might make some sense. Bad news, Brian: […]

The week in digital: HOLY CRAP

While we’ve been ranting and complaining and what not it has been an epochal week in digital comics publishing with so much crap going on, we are just going to link like crazy. The week started off, of course with BOOM! Studios making two big announcements. First, they joined Marvel with their own iPad/iPhone comics […]

Joe Q sheds more light on digital delivery

Yesterday’s installment of Cup O’ Joe was an especially timely one, with Marvel’s new Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada explaining a few things. For instance, of his new title, he reminded us that Avi Arad, the film exec much responsible for improving Marvel’s film profile in Hollywood, was the previous holder of the COO title; […]

Marvel takes the day and date plunge with IRON MAN

It’s coming fast, kids. IDW recently announced a four-week window for digital comics releases, and Marvel today announced their first day-and-date release of a comic, the INVINCIBLE IRON MAN ANNUAL #1 by Matt Fraction and Carmine Di Giandomenico. While the story concerns the origin of the Mandarin, in future days, this issue may be remembered […]

Bye Bye Bye

Yesterday was the final moving day at the old Publishers Weekly office. One last day to shovel everything into a box. Every move comes with a purge purge purge mandate, and since we’re moving to a smaller office, the need to travel light was particularly urgent.

Publishers band together to shut down pirate site

Via Colleen Doran comes word that has been shut down by the FBI. The site was a very popular online library of unauthorized comics scans, with hundreds of thousands of issues available at the click of a mouse:

The iPad is here….now what?

Are we living in the Jetsons or a Cormac McCarthy novel? Will the iPad take us to a world where readers pay for content…or is it yet another false prophet leading the way to a bleak wasteland with poor 3G coverage? To no one’s surprise, reaction pieces seem to be the main subject of the […]

It’s the iPad — updated with PRICE

Blow by blow at Engadget Media is saved! Here ya go! Update: John Jackson Miller crunches numbers on subscriptions, which is how the iPad might have some impact on comics. BONUS: It turns out MAD-TV made an ad for the iPad three years ago! [Thanks to Mark for the link.]

Where will YOU be on January 27th???

It is coming. And nothing will be the same. At least for bloggers, who will not be able to speculate endlessly about Apple’s expected announcement of an iTablet-like device on Wednesday. The device — a larger, even more readable version of the existing iPhone technology — is expected to have huge ramifications for the print […]

Comics stuff at CES

Is that an iceberg dead ahead? NO, it’s an E-READER, and they are coming right at ya, especially at the Consumer Electronics Show, currently underway in Las Vegas. At Steve Ballmer’s keynote last night, Microsoft unveiled its Slate device, which was cute and touchable, but not the fold over Courier everyone has been lusting after. […]

Top Cow has digital strategy!

We did an interesting interview with a sharp young fellow from a radio show the other day — yesterday, in fact — (details to come) and he asked if any comics publishers had a “digital strategy” and we had a hard time thinking of too many names. But Top Cow does seem to be plunging […]