Digital Exclusives — The Direct Market All Over Again… But Only For Single Issues

In recent weeks, we’ve been seeing the exclusivity monster poke it’s head up on the digital platform. Marvel’s exclusive with Comixology. Valiant is exclusive with Comixology. DC might as well be exclusive with Comixology. But, for the most part, there appears to be a catch: the digital exclusives seem to be just for the monthly editions. Single issues if you prefer.

Read it and Weep: The Cartoon Crier

Read it and weep! Go have yourself a good cry (probably at a Disney movie). In the tradition of occasionally free newsprint tabloid comics like the one-shot Caboose and quarterly Smoke Signal, a collaborative comic will be available this weekend at MoCCA! Official press release below:

Diamond's Digital Distribution Program: The Actual Details

I just got off the phone with Michael Murphey from iVerse Media, and the real details about Diamond’s digital comics distribution program bear minimal resemblance to how this was initially portrayed by early accounts from the ComicsPro meeting. Moreover, and this will be the first time I’ve said this about a Diamond Digital project, it seems like a very reasonable plan.

The Diamond Comic Reader – Now Digital Really Is a Distribution War

Digital comic downloads are a bit of a strange market. (Note: I’m talking about paid/legal downloads.) The big thrust, thus far, has been the battle of proprietary formats. Comixology has their own format. iVerse has a format. has a format. Apple has a format. Amazon has a format. If you’re from New Jersey, you’ll probably want to tell me my mother has a format. Well, as of the ComicsPro meeting, the focus has changed a little, because now Diamond officially has a comics app.