Meet The Elite Beat Squad: Steven R. Stahl

WileeOf all the Elite Beat Squad members, copy editor Steven R. Stahl has the most unusual origin. It started when he would write us letters each day with our most egregious typos and punctuation problems highlighted. (Yes, they were looooong letters.) We’d fix the mistakes when we could but as time went on we had a brainstorm — why not just let Steven copy edit the Beat? Since he started last fall, while you may see our patented hideous typos in the morning, by the time Hawaii is up and running, Steven has smoothed everything into a readable mass. He also helps with scheduling entries and other behind the scenes technical issues too boring to repeat. While the least public of all the EBS, he may be the most important so everyone give him a HUGE round of thanks.

Name: Steven R. Stahl

Residence: Grand Forks, ND

Occupation: Overnight stocker

Elite Beat Squad Codename: Synsidar

Website(s): N/A

The first comic book you ever remember reading: An ARCHIE comic.

Name three of your favorite graphic novels: I haven’t read enough original GNs to give a meaningful answer. I liked Milo Manara’s erotic works, but they’re not “favorites.”

Favorite comics writer: Steve Englehart, based mainly on his AVENGERS, WEST COAST AVENGERS, VISION & SCARLET WITCH, and DR. STRANGE series. His writing features greater attention to details, better treatment of characters, and more similarities to prose fantasy stories than any other comics writer I’m familiar with. Bendis, Brevoort, and the rest of the gang at Marvel owe him more than they can ever pay.

Favorite comics artist: Frank Brunner

Favorite musical act: ABBA

Name a movie that made you cry: SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE

Name a movie that made you laugh: WHAT’S UP, DOC?

In my spare time I like to: Work out. I’m an exercise addict. A health crisis in 1992 forced me to change my attitudes toward exercise. After I began working out regularly, I learned that if I exercised a lot, I could eat a lot Eating a lot of food is fun, and I get a high from endorphins, so everything works out. I also read political and science news and commentaries.

Betty or Veronica? Betty

World of Warcraft or City of Heroes? I don’t play online or PC games. Too sedentary.

Lost or 24? I only watch TV while I’m working out, so the programs I see the most are ESPN First Take, SportsCenter, and CNN’s Reliable Sources.

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery? Personally, a low came when I went to college and discovered that skimming through the textbook for a class, memorizing chunks of text, and regurgitating the text as needed for tests wouldn’t work, that I would have to actually study to do well. That discovery was a terrible shock, resulted in depression and self-doubt, and led to taking a year off. For any person, it would be realizing that you’ve hurt someone badly and permanently. I wouldn’t want to go on with life thinking that I’m a bad person.

Blogging — boon to mankind or a clear and present danger? A boon.

In five years comics will be… Sold in book format and digitally. The “pamphlet” format is becoming economically unsustainable.