Wizard World chairman Kessler sinks $2.5 million into the company as “mom and pop” days are over


Thing have been looking pretty turbulent over at convention company Wizard World, with cash flow problems and office shut downs, but chairman Paul Kessler, who has been on the board since 2013 and was named Chairman in April of this year, has just come to the rescue via financing agreement with his company Bristol Investment […]

Tilting at Windmills #256: The death of retail?


By Brian Hibbs   Despite now being in retail for over thirty years now, I have to admit that there are times that I worry about the death of small-business retail. Now my fears are certainly driven by the area I am in – San Francisco has both rapidly escalating retail rents, as well as […]

Comics publisher Double Take is shutting down at the end of the month


The boom in comics periodical publishers over the last few years has a first casualty: Double Take. The division of video game company Take Two Interactive, which was headed by former Marvel publisher Bill Jemas will shut down at the end of the month. The news was first reported at Bleeding Cool and independently confirmed by The Beat.

The state of the industry UPDATED AND CORRECTED


Those who think comics need to ditch the direct market right this minute had better not read the latest news about Barnes and Noble. The last big box chain had a dismal quarter, fired its CEO, and is looking to shore things up. Concern about Barnes & Noble’s Nook business gave way to worries about […]

IDW moves to Penguin Random House for book distribution


Well now, this is interesting. IDW has moved its book distribution to Penguin Random House effective April 2017. ICv2 has all the enthusiastic quotes from executives at both companies, including a sad quote from Steve Geppi who owns Diamond Book Distribution, which formerly repped IDW to the book trade. DBD will continues to sell IDW products to the mass market in the UK. But this really makes PRHPS, which also distributes DC, a powerhouse player in the GN field.

Insight Editions launches Insight Comics imprint


It seems more and more people want to get into this comics business. California-based Insight Editions has already published a ton of pop culture guides, art books and coloring books, and comics-influenced titles such as The Art of Jock. Now they’re getting into the biz themselves with a new imprint, Insight Comics, launching in early 2017. […]

Kibbles ‘n’ BIts 8/31/16: Comics industry is in its death throes


§ The aptly named Jude Terror of The Outhouse stunned the comics world yesterday with a piece called Die, Industry, Die! (Or Why Letting Comics Fail is the “Real” Only Way to Save the Industry) which took off from the suggestions that the well-regarded comic Nighthawk could have been saved from cancellation if more people […]

Marvel: 40% of our readers are female and our sales are just fine, thanks


Marvel’s David Gabriel, their svp – print, sales & marketing, doesn’t do too many interviews, but a three parter at ICv2 is a news packed doozy from Marvel’s testing a $35 Deadpool book in a mass market retailer to their growing participation in Scholastic Book Fairs. Here’s Part Two and Part Three, and you’ll want […]