Reminder: Art for Sandy


The Art For Sandy benefit auction we mentioned the other day is now live. (That’s a Paolo Rivera piece above.) This is a benefit organized by Disney’s Rich Ginter with help from Marvel’s Jim Viscardi to help the devastated areas of Staten Island. Native Staten Islander—and surely its Comics Laureate—Evan Dorkin updates his own status […]

Art 4 Sandy Relief Initiative Launches


In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which hit America over the past week and caused blackouts, severe damage, and claimed several lives in the process, former Marvel, now Disney art director Rich Ginter has set up an initiative looking to trade comic-book items for donations to the relief effort. Called ‘Art For Sandy Relief’, the […]

The absolute COOLEST swag at NYCC: Paul Pope messenger bag for The Project Solution


Have you ever wish you could be stylish AND help save the world all at the same time? If only such a thing was possible, you thought. And if only I could do it at New York Comic Con. Well, now you can. The Project Solution, the non-profit organization headed by Joe Gonzalez (known to […]

George R.R. Martin Supports CBLDF For Banned Books Week!

Via PR, but it’s a great cause! George R.R. Martin, the celebrated creator of GAME OF THRONES and WILD CARDS  is celebrating Banned Books Week by supporting the important work of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund!  This is his special message about what he’s doing to help, and how you can join him in […]

Celebrate Kirby's Birthday with a contribution to the Hero Initiative

It’s no secret that for the greater part of his later years, Jack Kirby was greatly concerned with leaving a financial legacy for his family. His whole life he’d worked night and day creating entire universes…and although his creations had gone on to become multimedia sensations, because of the way the comics industry was set up, he was in no position to benefit from it.

Incredibly rare Craig Thompson art auction for Manila flood benefit

As you may know, the metro Manila area has been hit by severe flooding of late, due to monsoon season, and hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced as a result. Local bookstore Fullybooked is organizing a fundraiser for the flood victims.

Smile alert: Karl Kesel "I'm selling my past to gain a new future."

This super sweet story about artist Karl Kesel and his wife adopting a baby and then selling his Silver Age comics collection to pay for medical bills is a great way to end the week. The Kesels had been assigned a drug affected baby and this meant their child was born with a methadone addiction and has to be hospitalized for six weeks:

Roger Slifer update and auction

Lobo-co-creator, Roger Slifer. Slifer, who was struck by a hit-and-run white sedan in Santa Monica, Calif., on June 23, remains hospitalized and faces a very long recovery. As of last Friday, he was moved to Barlow Respiratory Hospital, a facility that specializes in respiratory issues. Slifer still cannot breathe on his own, but it is hoped that in 3-6 weeks he’ll be able to do that, and can start rehab in 3-6 months. Slifer’s cousin, Emma, has further updates on his medical condition on Facebook.

SDCC 12: CBLDF has launch party, new member kit

As always, our pals at the CBLDF will be offering fantastic member benefits, throwing a great party and fighting to keep our speech free. Saturday’s art auction includes some of their best items yet, with art by Paul Pope, Walt Simonson, Billy Tucci, and more.

SDCC 12: Lego Brick artist recreates Jim Lee painting in Lego

Basically if you go to the Darkness and Light gallery on 5th Street on Friday you will see Lego builder recreating a Jim Lee painting in Legos.

You don’t see that every day. No sir.

Roger Slifer Update: Hero Initiative accepting donations

Sad news. Writer Roger Slifer is still in a coma following a hit and run accident two weeks ago. Jim Salicrup has been updating his condition on Facebook, and on Sunday posted this from a friend of Slifer’s:

Robert Washington's words from the grave: "Have a backup plan."

Just before his death a few days ago, former comics writer Robert L. Washington III gave an interview to CBR that makes for very sobering reading.

Tony DeZuniga having health and money issues

Legendary Filipino creator Tony DeZuniga recently had a severe stroke, and he is currently in critical condition. And his family does not have health insurance—yeah, this stuff happens in the Philippines, too. HIs wife Tina wrote of the details in the link below.

To do, tonight, Seattle: Bowling for the Hero Initiative

Hero Initiative is the non-profit organization that aids comic creators in medical and financial need—and if you’ve been reading the Beat lately you know that they are more needed than ever. Tonight, as part of the Emerald City Comicon, they are having a bowling fundraiser which sounds like a great time for a great cause, as they say. Although spots have already been auctioned off, you can still go watch the fun:

Nice art: Snag this exclusive THE MASSIVE print ONLY THIS WEEKEND

The CBLDF is offering this swell poster for THE MASSIVE by Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson as member thank you. BUT ONLY THIS WEEKEND! So hurry if u want to get this charmingly model kit-evoking poster.

Help Gary Friedrich—new donation site set up

We’ve been meaning to write up the disgusting legal maneuver that has left 69-year-old Gary Friedrich owing Marvel $17,000 after a failed attempt to get some ownership of Ghost Rider, a character he co-created back in the ’70s. In a story first reported here by Torsten, Marvel/Disney filed a countersuit for copyright infringement based on Friedrich’s convention appearances selling Ghost Rider-related merchandise. As Daniel Best wrote: