DC and IDW team for LOVE IS LOVE anthology to honor Orlando shooting victims


      DC and IDW are teaming up for LOVE IS LOVE, a project spearheaded by writer Marc Andreyko intended to honor the victims of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting. The result is an anthology with more than 100 stories and 200 creators on board, with all the proceeds going to victims, survivors, and their families […]

The CBLDF is moving to Portland, OR


At the ComicsPRO meeting this morning, it was just announced that the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is moving it’s offices from New York to Portland this year. The CBLDF, which is run by executive director Charles Brownstein, has been located in NYC for a decade, after moving from Northhampton, Mass. As with many people […]

Chip Zdarsky auctions rare Vader Down variant for Syrian refugees


The above Vader Down #1 variant with a Chip Zdarsky over, referencing the forbidden memory of Jaxxon the rabbit is one of the rarest of Marvel variant covers—one was available for every 4,999 issues ordered, so only a handful exist. One recently said at $3,739 eBay so it is apparently a legitimate rarity. On his […]

Help cats AND freedom of speech and get some art with just one auction!


A new auction that runs until tomorrow features some tasty comics art and benefits both The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the Saved Whiskers Rescue Organization. You get some great art and help free speech AND cats? How is this not the win of the year?
Dynamic Forces has teamed with the auction house Comic Link for the auction.

New Jersey Comic Expo adds Cassaday and cosplayers AND helps kitty cats!


I’ll be a guest at this weekend’s New Jersey Comic Expo, returning to my homeland for a roots journey deep into Middlesex County, so consider this a bit of hype. They’ve already added Jim Lee, Adam Kubert and Garth Ennis as guests, and now John Cassaday will also be there. None of these guys do many shows, and with NJCE being a smaller show it’s a great chance to meet some of your faves.

Finnish website sells art to aid the Red Cross


The other day we posted a heartbreaking strip called “What a Wonderful World” by Zep featuring Titeuf, the Bart Simpson of France, in a storyline that echoes the refugee crisis now affecting Europe. Thousands of families are fleeing war torn areas—predominantly Syria—and trying to find asylum in various European countries, leading to a humanitarian and […]

FundWatch: Bob Wiacek needs your help


Inker Bob Wiacek injured his arm and needs some financial help while he recovers. He’s set up a GoFundMe that already reached its goal but I’m sure more help would be appreciated. And Bob deserves it. I worked with him briefly back in the day, and he’s a good man and a good artist. Bob will even do a sketch for you if you pledge more than $40 — I think that’s going to take him a long time to fulfill but it’s a bargain.