Heavy Metal to Serialize Pepe Moreno’s GENE KONG in English for the First TIme


In the 1990, cartoonist Pepe Moreno created Batman: Digital Justice, one of the first comics to be produced solely through digital programs.  Prior to this, he also worked closely with the comics magazine and publisher Heavy Metal throughout the 1980s and then made the transition into video games, designing Hell Cab and a number of successful Beachhead titles.  In the midst of all […]

Marvel’s Zany Mashup Character Gwenpool Gets her Own Unbelievable Series


Marvel has been eager to promote Gwenpool, their newest mishmash of two established characters. Thankfully, the publisher has been careful to not overuse her right out of the gate, testing her potential in a few Howard the Duck backups and a fun Holiday special. However, the kid gloves came off today as Marvel officially announced The Unbelieveable Gwenpool. The series will […]