Magnetic Press Announces Summer Publishing Lineup


Launched in 2014, Magnetic Press quickly made its presence known in the comic book industry thanks to its diverse line of narrative innovative and visually powerful stories.  This summer, the company plans to add four new titles to its lineup, including a third installment in its popular series of wildlife graphic novels, Love.  From fans of Her to fans of The […]

Image Comics Partners with PREVIEWS to Announce IMAGE+ Magazine


Talk about some stunning Friday night news! At ComicsPRO tonight, Image Comics announced that they would be partnering up with Diamond to launch Image+, a monthly magazine that will ship with the long running PREVIEWS catalog. Clocking in at 64 pages each month, each of the first 12 issues of the magazine will feature four […]

Heavy Metal to Serialize Pepe Moreno’s GENE KONG in English for the First TIme


In the 1990, cartoonist Pepe Moreno created Batman: Digital Justice, one of the first comics to be produced solely through digital programs.  Prior to this, he also worked closely with the comics magazine and publisher Heavy Metal throughout the 1980s and then made the transition into video games, designing Hell Cab and a number of successful Beachhead titles.  In the midst of all […]

Marvel’s Zany Mashup Character Gwenpool Gets her Own Unbelievable Series


Marvel has been eager to promote Gwenpool, their newest mishmash of two established characters. Thankfully, the publisher has been careful to not overuse her right out of the gate, testing her potential in a few Howard the Duck backups and a fun Holiday special. However, the kid gloves came off today as Marvel officially announced The Unbelieveable Gwenpool. The series will […]