A day of change: bye bye, WildStorm; so long, Zuda


Well now, didn’t exactly see this one coming: while everyone has been wondering if WildStorm would become the new DC since they were already on the West Coast…turns out that as of December, WildStorm will be no more. WildStorm titles, licensing and kids comics, all recently coming out of La Jolla, will be turned over to the DC banner.

The Zuda brand is also done for.

DC Entertainment splits; comics stay in New York – UPDATED


PR just went out announcing the organizational changes. In a surprise last-minute reprieve, editorial is staying in New York…but digital, multimedia and administrative are going to LA.

Marvel moving uptown


Ever since the Big Shake-up last year, both Marvel and DC have been the subject of much speculation regarding moves, with some guessing that Marvel might move to Disney’s offices in White Plains…or to Burbank. However it seems that preserving the Pixar-like independence for Marvel is still a priority, as they are staying in town and merely moving a few blocks uptown.

While an announcement of some kind is expected today about DC’s possible West Coast move, the NY Observer confirms that Marvel is moving to newer uptown offices, , 135 West 50th Street, the same address as Sports Illustrated and EW. The House of Ideas will take over the 60,000 sq. ft. office on October 1 — or…next Friday.

A few thoughts for our friends at DC Comics today


We’re told a series of meetings will take place at 1700 Broadway today in which the shape of DC’s move to the West Coast will be described.

Winds of change hitting DC next week?


DC Entertainment head Diane Nelson pledged a “no fear” era at DC since announcing changes earlier this year, everyone has been plenty nervous ever since she took over. The reason? DC’s proposed move to the West Coast. Will it happen and when? That’s been the question on everyone’s mind.

Word on the street is that next week, the answer to “Will DC be moving to the West Coast?” will finally be revealed, and an article in The Hollywood Reporter seems to back that up.

August apocalypse: How bad?


The business news website ICv2 isn’t known for being hyperbolic. So when Milton Griepp said that this month’s comics sales had “plummeted” everyone leaped up, screaming, knocking over chairs and spilling drinks everywhere.

Sales of comics and graphic novels through Diamond Comic Distributors dropped substantially in August with periodical comics falling 17% and graphic novels down 21%.  There wasn’t a single comic title even close to the 100,000 in August. 

If it weren’t for the continued strength of SCOTT PILGRIM trades, the GN drop would have been even more grisly. On the periodical side, there was no big book, but, said ICv2, Certainly “the lack of one big title can’t account for everything.”

The grim details immediately set the punditocracy to arms, perhaps sniffing the hint of burning smoke in Tom Spurgeon’s Doomapocalyptigeddon which he descried from his aerie high in the Misty Mountains, the same distant smell of charring paper and brimstone that we’ve been picking up for the last few weeks.

What Lee and DiDio were really saying


ICv2 has its first comprehensive interview with DC co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio since the publisher restructured in February. The interview runs in three parts. There’s a hint that some of the CMX titles that weren’t finished may get picked up by a different publisher, perhaps Dark Horse, and an acknowledgment of the need to keep prices down from DiDio:

Lee and Johns tweet it up


Its no secret that newly installed DC Co-publisher Jim Lee and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns are two of the more charismatic and popular comics creators out there, and there is every reason to believe they will continue to be charismatic comics creators-turned-executives. Sean T. Collins has a roundup of Johns’ “charm offensive” twitter hatchet […]

Urgent to DC Entertainment


Can you please get these men new headshots so we can get a definitive facial hair statement? Esp. Pat Caldon, since he has managed to live a life free of internet presence.

Your New DC FAQ


It was a busy day for DC Entertainment’s new executive team, and they were made available to many press outlets. Although a few key themes emerged (digital, digital, digital) various questions were asked in various places. Here are, perhaps some of the ones on everyone’s mind. So now, how is this all going to work? […]

A brief interview with Diane Nelson


On an busy day for DC Entertainment, president Diane Nelson has been making the press rounds, and she very graciously stopped by to answer a few questions for The Beat on today’s management announcements and her first five months at DC. Q: You’ve been running DC for about five months. As a self-confessed relative outsider […]

New game in town: Who will be new DCU Executive Editor?


The interviews with DC’s new executive team are trickling out, and first in our inbox is a Vaneta Rogers chat with everyone except Caldon. A key takeaway: The DCU is looking for a new head. DiDio’s former position of executive editor has yet to be filled, although he said all editorial positions are currently being […]

Chains of command unfolding at DC; Bruning’s role downplayed


With the new five-headed management team being unveiled at DC, a big question is who reports where? Meetings with the new management team are ongoing today at the DC offices — the announcement was made at a 9 am meeting with Diane Nelson — and we’ve gotten word of a few key changes. Vertigo SVP/Executive […]

DC’s Diane Nelson statement


Also on the Source blog, Diane Nelson makes a statement that in addition to extolling the men chosen for the new exec team, answers a lot of the questions we’ve all been pondering for the last few months — in fact, they seem directly aimed at them: In terms of possible alternate candidates for the […]

DC Entertainment’s new executive team speaks


Via the Source blog, statements from DC’s new executive team: Dan DiDio and Jim Lee: With our respective experiences and history with DC and our relationships with the world’s best writers and artists, our mission is to reinvent DC Comics to prepare it for the challenges and opportunities in this quickly changing world. With the […]

Barbara Marcus in the running for DC Publisher job?


UPDATE: Well Nikki Finke says there is no truth to this. So that’s that. Like Bleeding Cool, we’ve been hearing the name of former Scholastic Publisher Barbara Marcus as a contender for the job of DC publisher. While the chatter we’ve heard is that it’s not a done deal, her name is, nonetheless, the first […]