Marc Bernardin leaves EW

As reported in a Twitter posting, Marc Bernardin was among those let go at Entertaiment Weekly yesterday, part of a general bloodbath at Time Inc. this week — as many as 500 employees are expected to be let go. Bernardin, who received the news while on vacation, tweeted: Ladies and gentlemen, my 15-yr tenure at […]

Personnel news: Wood, Fingeroth

§ Dirk Wood has been appointed to the position of Director of Communications for Dark Horse. In his new role, Wood will continue to coordinate all trade-show efforts for Dark Horse, as well as key presentations that the company makes externally. He will continue to serve as the primary contact for all direct-market retailers, as […]

Meet Diane Nelson! – UPDATE

UPDATE: This interview with Nelson by Sharon Waxman at The Wrap addresses a few of those pressing issues and establishes that Nelson is not a comics fan “by nature.” So: a girl running a comic book operation? Isn’t this a young, male-centric market?I prefer to be known as an executive rather than a girl. It’s […]

Levitz leaves ‘One of the Best Jobs on the Planet’

As this week’s DC bombshell sent ripples throughout the Multiverse, most people were taking time to talk about the contributions of Paul Levitz to the comics — as a medium and as an industry, Levitz’s handiwork has created or nurtured much of the infrastructure we live with daily. It’s a huge legacy. A few reactions. […]

Two excellent views of Paul Levitz

Marv Wolfman recalls his friend of nearly 40 years: If you are into comics, you already know Paul Levitz is stepping down from his position as President and Publisher of DC Comics. I’ve known Paul since he was 13 and consider him one of my closest and dearest friends. For years now, Paul has talked […]

Comings and Goings: Cohen, Mason

• Jacq Cohen, formerly Publicity Coordinator at Dark Horse, will be moving to Fantagraphics to be Director of Publicity and Promotions beside Eric Ryenolds, who was recently promoted to Associate Publisher. It’s a great hire for Fanta, and a great line for Cohen to be plying her trade to promote. • Marc Mason, best known […]

Schreck joins IDW

Ted Adams’ all-star line-up gained a heavy hitter with the official announcement of Bob Schreck joining IDW as senior editor: Newsarama: Bob, how did this position with IDW come about? Bob Schreck: Soon after I became available on the market again, that is “laid off,” IDW and several other interested parties reached out to me […]

Wizard hires and promotes

Some hiring information from Wizard, after a longer period of trimming staff. According to a press release, long-time staffer Mike Cotton has been promoted to Editor of Wizard. Also: “Mike has built strong relationships with both creators and fans of comics,” said Shamus. “His promotion is a testament to how well he connects with Wizard […]

Jon Goldwater new CEO of Archie Comics

Via PR, we may be seeing a more “rock ‘n’ roll” Archie soon. Jon Goldwater CEO of Archie Comics: The Archie Comics line of comic books is one of the most successful, longest running lines in the history of the comic industry. As the son of Archie Comics founder John L. Goldwater he looks forward […]

Toy/internet people sought

Beat Pal Frank Patz at The Eternal Collector is looking for some people to help him upgrade his site: Are you interested in the Toy Industry? I have one of the most visited Toy Collecting websites on the Internet. I am looking for someone to help me with the Web design of the site. I […]

Keenan joins Abrams

More comings and goings, as Sheila Keenan is joining the Abrams ComicArt imprint as Senior Editor: Sheila Keenan will be joining ABRAMS on Wednesday, May 6, as Senior Editor, working on the Abrams ComicArts list. Keenan will report to Charles Kochman, Executive Editor. Sheila has over twenty years of experience as both a writer and […]

Linkage, comings and goings

§ Superboy??? Jeff Trexler looks at the possible legal reasons for the character’s return and reminds us that the Superman trial is underway right now: A settlement is one possibility, though at present it seems a relatively less likely explanation. The court record in the Superboy lawsuit contains no reference to a finalized settlement. To […]

Business briefs

§ While we’ve covered several book publishers who won’t be at BEA, several have alerted us to the fact that there will still be plenty of graphic novels at the upcoming BookExpo America. Diamond will be there in force with their pavilion of publishers and an array of events. Also, Eric Reynolds writes to tell […]

Christy onboard at Archaia

So what’s the deal at Archaia Press? The company foundered about a year ago as it sought new investors, and was rumored to be purchased by Devil’s Due at one point, but it ended up being acquired by former DD partner PJ Bickett, whose current title is President. Founder Mark Smylie is in place as […]

Comings and goings

Some random personnel moves that have crossed our paths of late. • Former Comics Foundry Senior Editor Laura Hudson has been teasing a new blogging gig on her Twitter, but no announcement yet. • Likewise, former Wizard staffer Kiel Phegley has an unnamed new gig, as well, and will cease writing for • Editor […]

Ted Rall laid off at United Media

Alan Gardner reports that Ted Rall and eight others were laid off from United Media, the cartoon and content syndication giant. Ted Rall, who worked as the Editor of Acquisitions and Development at United Media has been laid off last Thursday. Ted tells me that eight other individuals were also let go and that his […]