ECCC: Monkeybrain Announce Free Comic: Frost


A quick update from Emerald City Comic Con, a convention which you can only access by jumping into your nearest hot air balloon and flying directly into a cyclone. Monkeybrain’s Allison Baker is at the convention this weekend, and on Friday announced the immediate release of a new comic from the company, available now on […]

INTERVIEW: Ron Perazza’s Think Tank!


Ron Perazza has been at the forefront of new digital comic projects for years, with his work at Zuda and ComiXology helping to pave the way for digital comics as we now know them. Thrillbent, Madefire, Aces Weekly, Double Feature, Monkeybrain – they all owe a debt to his work. His most recent leap is […]

INTERVIEW: Allison Baker on Year One of Monkeybrain Comics


2012 was the year we saw Marvel relaunch, DC reboot, Image rise, and Valiant return. And yet perhaps one of the biggest success stories of the year was the founding of Monkeybrain Comics by Allison Baker and Chris Roberson.

Kick-Watcher: Joe Caramagna and Scott Koblish’s Wyatt Earp


You may remember Joe Caramagna dropping numerous hints over the past few weeks that he had a secret project in the works, a comic he would be writing at some point in future. Well! The project has been revealed as being The Further Travels of Wyatt Earp, a digital comic series about the life and times of the gunslinger. Written […]

Shorties! The Best of The Graphic Short Story Prize


For the past six years, the UK’s Observer newspaper has been hand choosing and rewarding the best of the year’s up and coming graphic novelists for their Graphic Short Story Prize. In conjunction with publishing house Jonathan Cape and the London International Comics Festival (which, if you happen to be on that side of the […]

Monkeybrain Pledge all November Profits to The Hero Initiative


  Chris Roberson, co-founder of the digital publisher Monkeybrain Comics, has put out an open letter today explaining that for the whole of November, all profits made by the company will be donated directly to The Hero Initative. Along with Allison Baker, Roberson set up the company earlier this year as a way to put […]

Kickstarter UK Opens Up for Business


Kickstarter has become the go-to crowdfunding website for a variety of comic projects, whether they be furiously exciting or somewhat dubious. But up until now, the site has been fairly restrictive about who can or can’t set up a campaign on the site – namely, that Americans can, but people in the UK can’t. That’ll […]

David Lloyd’s Aces Weekly Goes Live!


Launched on Sunday, Aces Weekly is a new anthology series created by David Lloyd, which seeks to bring back the spirit of traditional British comics to the digital era. The idea is that, like those last great bastions of British comics The Beano and 2000AD, Aces Weekly will collect together stories from a number of […]

So e-publishing is going to be as stupid and petty as regular publishing

Wow, the iPad announcement really didn’t solve everything! In fact the battle lines over who gets what with ebooks and i-that may just be beginning if this weekend’s skirmish between Amazon and Macmillan is any indication. Johanna Draper Carlson has the back and forth — basically, Macmillan — publisher of such graphic novel imprints as […]

For now, the iPad rolls over and goes to sleep

Whether you’re basking in the afterglow or fretting unfulfilled, the tumultuous excitement of the iPad announcement has come…and gone. The reactions seem evenly mixed between the rapture and the crapture, with tech site grumbles loud and clear. Annalee Newitz at io9 has a well thought out complaint: The iPad promises to be just as revolutionary […]

Top Cow has digital strategy!

We did an interesting interview with a sharp young fellow from a radio show the other day — yesterday, in fact — (details to come) and he asked if any comics publishers had a “digital strategy” and we had a hard time thinking of too many names. But Top Cow does seem to be plunging […]

AIEEEE! It is said the tablet cometh!

Gizmodo rounds up the latest evidence on whether Apple is actually developing a “tablet” and digs up a pretty compelling case that not only is it underway, but Apple is actively seeking to get print ported over to the device: Two people related to the NYTimes have separately told me that in June, paper was […]

Scott McCloud on new, colossal Kindle

Is taller than it is wide a dead end? The default shape of print is not taller than wide. It’s wider than tall just like all the rest, because the default shape of print is two pages side-by-side. And the reason is the same reason as the shape of TV and cinema and theater and […]