Ward Sutton covers the Village Voice

This week’s Village Voice is the Cartoon issue, to tie in to MoCCA Fest, and regular Voice contributor Ward Sutton has done the cover. Sutton is known for his ability to mimic other art styles, but this time, we do believe he’s topped himself — esp. with Marlys Wonder Woman and Rusty Brown Bumstead.

BUT…see next item.

Google changes Helvetica to Comic Sans for April Fool's

Damn — Google loves April Fool’s jokes as only a bunch of borderline Asperger’s tech nerds can (Moss, see under). For today, they’ve also replaced the dignified and beloved font Helvetica with the Rob Granito of fonts, Comic Sans, when you make a search for “Helvetica.”

April 1st: Talk to the Hand

We don’t have the energy for an April Fool’s joke so this doozy from Comics Alliance will have to do.

Rob Granito: The man who got drummed out of comics

The comics community is an accepting one–perhaps the most accepting. The greatest masters feel a kinship with someone who makes mini-comics, and will make time for them. It’s a giving, friendly group of people who share a passion for comics and a collegial sense of belonging.

But then there’s Rob Granito.

New JLA cartoon mashup not as funny as old one

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel, they attempted alchemy by taking sound from Jersey Shore and playing it over the JLA cartoon.

The results were eh. But it does reference this early internet classic “Superfriends Whassup” which came out more than a decade ago, before YouTube, even:

Ward Sutton's Spidey Super Theater Stories

Oh, PS, until they make that Spider-Man: The Musical opera, here’s Ward Sutton’s more humorous take.

Twitter hacker strikes comics pros

For a while last night, Twitter and Facebook were a parade of laughs as a number of prominent comics pros were struck by a hacker who commandeered their tweets and status updates to suggest that “I just viewed my TOP10 Profile STALKERS. I can’t believe my EX is still checking me every day.” Really no fun for the hackees, but it was amusing to watch unfold. Poor Ed Brubaker was hard hit, and Chip Zdarsky suggested it was getting really out of control.

Okay, maybe you had to be there.

I know you are already tired of Charlie Sheen but…

In the spirit of Cthulhu Family Circus and other great remixes, Jon L. and Chris D. present
Sheen Family Circus.
In case you have been in Shaolin seclusion this week, actor Charlie Sheen has been on a manic-phase media run with a series of hyperventilated interviews highlighting our new found media ability to watch famous people pathetically and tragically act out right in front of us. As distasteful as it all is…these quotes are comedy gold.

Prepare to be skeeved: Dolls of the Cons

Jody Culkin is an artist, photographer, and teacher. Thanks to being married to PW comics maven Calvin Reid, she’s also a veteran of many comics and book shows. Camera in hand, she has chronicled the activities and faces of the past seven or eight years of comic cons — her work can often be found in PW Comics Week.

But she also has a hobby.

Scott Pilgrim vs The Matrix

These memes are strong today

If Green Lantern Was a Pervert

More at Cracked.com.

Although shouldn’t that be “If Green Lantern WERE A Pervert”?

Junior editors?

Cormac McCarthy’s Toy Story 3 by Ruben Bolling

Via the Village Voice

Ward Sutton’s Bat Porn

Cartoonist Ward Suttonlooks at the recent Batman XXX movie via the healing medium of funny drawings.

Lo, there shall come a great battle

Click the link if you dare.

I’m Comic Sans, As*hole.

Listen up. I know the shit you’ve been saying behind my back. You think I’m stupid. You think I’m immature. You think I’m a malformed, pathetic excuse for a font. Well think again, nerdhole, because I’m Comic Sans, and I’m the best thing to happen to typography since Johannes fucking Gutenberg.

The return of Ryan Choi

Writer Ian Boothby has been at play in the fields of Gail Simone’s forum, and aided and abetted by other posters, it turns out Ryan Choi, the recently deceased Atom, is not dead, he’s just resting, or something. (The above example of “His Choi is Alive” art is by a poster, it should be noted.)