Manga Steve Jobs is a woman

Chocolate Apple 1991-2011, a manga released at the just passed amateur manga show Comiket — which drew some 500,000 people — presents the author’s heartfelt appreciation of the late Steve Jobs and his creations, while portraying Jobs as a cute Japanese girl.

Is Robin an idiot?

Chris Illuminati at TheFW marshals the evidence, and it is quite compelling.

Funny X-Men sex videos

You’ve probably already thought of most of these, but Funny or Die has put them all in one place.

First look at the entire, new, high-collared JLA

The complete image of the new Johns-Lee rebooted JLA has surfaced (apparently at IGN) and it’s clear that we have a “Big Seven” of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. Most of the new costumes involved higher collars. Superman has a new logo and no trunks over his tights. There are lots of other details, but when we mentioned earlier that these characters looked about the same we meant it — these are tweaks on the traditional (Super Friends, licensing) looks for these characters, not huge changes.

Geek Girls: How quickly things change

Given all the talk of late about geek girls, this Onion story from 2004 seems pretty dated: Osley attended the convention from Friday to Sunday, freely and confidently mingling with the 85 percent male crowd at the Hilton Burbank Airport and Convention Center. “From the moment she walked in the door, Paulette was the object […]

How superheroes protect their junk

NY Mag’s Vulture blog goes where no man had dared: How Vulnerable Are Superheroes’ Crotches? A Vulture Investigation, providing a detailed look at how the Magnuttos have been protected in various superhero films. Some — Night Owl, Thor — keep everything in one iron-clad package, but others — Spider-Man, Green Hornet — just leave the family jewels sitting out there. Tsk tsk tsk.

The secret origin of Jay Didillo as explained by Rob Granito

Famed comic book spoofer Rob Granito to has finally answered some direct questions, and didn’t get paid to do so, which is awesome. . But the origin of such things as Jay Didillo, Granito’s non-existent collaborator on a non-existent DC book, is strangely prosaic:

Amazing, Beautiful, Amazing: Who will win American Idol???

This is so not comics, but the Final Three go at it tonight and we’d been saving up some notes. We started watching American Idol a few years ago because we felt the need to pay attention to a least one thing that wasn’t nerdy but instead reflected the more mundane and/or inane side of culture — something universal, just so when we had to hang out with normal people we wouldn’t be entirely defenseless. Plus former judges Simon and Kara talked about music a little and it was interesting. But that was then. This season’s judges, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez excel at nothing but praise, blather and administering something called the “amazing” scale:

Prepress Hulk tells puny amateur designers where it's at

There are many Hulks on Twitter — feministhulk, DRUNKHULK, and HIPSTERHULK — but it is only PREPRESS HULK, who rampages into uncontrolled rages when faced with a improper PANTONE number or lo-rez file, that is a hero in the production world.

My Little Pony/Watchmen mash-up surprisingly watchable

YouTube user BronyVids has been sharpening his/her Final Cut skills on My Little Pony Mash-ups, and it is WATCHMEN’s turn. We had no idea My Little Pony looked so good and we totally want to watch it now.

Revealed: Who really got Osama

Click for the larger version. Also notice how they ran out of time on some of the photoshopping.

Via Dave G.

Nice art: Dan Hipp's Tintin covers

Dan Hipp has drawn many things — GYAKUSHU, THE AMAZING JOY BUZZARDS, BEN 10, and many, many more comics, and his MisterHipp blog is a dragon’s lair of fun art. However these posters imagining STAR WARS, TRON and ALIEN as Tintin books are must-sees.

Separated at birth: Wolff & Byrd and the Beastie Boys?

We’re stretching it this time, but just stick with us.

The Angry Birds of Prey

And as we head off to the weekend….via Tyler Walpole at The Gutters

Fun Time: “We are Sex Bob-omb!!! 1-2-3-4!”

via Alex Segura

Rob Granito launches pay-for-chat plan; plan fails

As we predicted last week, the Rob Granito team is attempting to get their second act rolling with a round of tell-all interviews. You may recall (it was all so long ago and little noted) that Granito is a person of dubious artistic skill who has been going around to comics shows for 15 years selling copied art that he’s passed off as his own. Now, Comics Cube reports a letter is making the rounds: