Tales of con: Meet The Sleepy Klingon


While nerdlebrities are a big draw at comic-cons these days, as we’ve noted in the past, trying to throw a celebrity-only show can be a dismal affair. But with the rise of nerd culture, autograph shows seem to be picking up, even on the local level. For example: while going through our mail, we found a press release for a show called The American Music & Pop Culture Expo.


When is a movie a graphic novel? David Goyer has the answer


David Goyer, a Hollywood vet perhaps best known for co-writing Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, is going to direct a a new version of The Count of Monte Cristo which is billed as having “a graphic novel approach” in Michael Robert Johnson’s script. Now what does this mean? This experience [producing the Man of Steel Superman […]


John Byrne’s Happy Space Toilet


For those who don’t herd sacred cows, Tucker Stone’s weekly comcis reviews at TCJ are always worth a read, but especially because you might miss things like him highlighting a panel of a happy space toilet from a recent issue of THE HIGH WAYS by John Byrne.


Go listen: Ian Boothby’s Superheroes sketches on The Irreverent show


Eisner nominated writer Ian Boothby is probably best known for his work on The Simpsons comics, but he also contributes to the Canadian humour radio programme, The Irrelevant Show. Now all his superhero themed sketched have been collected in one webisode.: As an appetizer for the coming season, we’ve put together some of our favourite […]


Huge shake-up at DC Comics lunch counter


We’re hearing that DC Comics is in turmoil today after popular lunch spot McGee’s changed their bean salad recipe: instead of cannellini beans, the salad now contains navy beans, and the change has everyone upset. Rattled staffers have been complaining bitterly. “Cannellini beans are mild in flavor and hold their shape well,” said one prominent […]


Real Life My Little Ponies seen racing across Staten Island

Although shot in that innovative 9:16 ratio that everyone is talking about this TRUE LIFE video of a magical white pony and a zebra racing across a dramatic Staten Island landscape cannot help but remind you that friendship is TRULY magic.


SNL spoofs Hawkeye’s small quiver


This weekend’s Saturday Night Live featured guest host Jeremy Renner who was all too happy to reprise his role as Hawkeye in a very amusing AVENGERS spoof that also featured Jason Sudeikis as Iron Man, Bill Hader as Thor, Bobby Moynihan as the Hulk, Taran Killam as Captain America, Kate McKinnon as a dead-on Black […]


Diana Prince’s Diary is v.v. funny


There’s a new socialite on the scene, and she’s penning Diana Prince’s Diary. Between whirlwind social events and world saving, it’s all a girl can do. Post-heroics drinks started out v. well. Etta met me at posh bar with proper wine list and everything. We were half way through first bottle when Bruce Wayne turned […]


And on that note….

We’re outta here.


The very latest in comics/fine art mash-ups

You’ve always wanted to see Darkseid painted in the style of Francis Bacon, haven’t you? Of course you have. It’s part of the latest “The Line It Is Drawn” mashup contest at Comics Should Be Good, and there is much more of that ilk, like Black Canary Scream and so on.


Question of the day: "Where can I see DC or Marvel comics online for free?"

Yahoo Answers….the raw id of our unknowledge….the cry for help in a darkling plain of the unknown. Some lass named Jann wandered in there and asked:


Separated at birth: Obama and Luffy?

What really happened in Jakarta???


It is to laugh: Ward Sutton's rejected Family Circus comics

Mocking the comfy tropes of The Family Circus is a joke that never gets old. Or as Stephen Colbert put it last night, “We’re getting all relaxed and average.”


Sex videos relying on geek market

Although we get all the PR, we haven’t been covering Vivid’s Axel Braun directed series of porn parodies of geek-beloved franchises because, well, it’s not really in our target demo. However a recent release backs up what we’ve been told by porn industry insiders for quite a while: these nerd-themed parodies are the only hot category in the original porn business as homemade sex tapes and VOD have changed the entire distribution model. As Braun told Die Screaming:


Lisa Hanawalt on The Vow

I know we link to these every time, but you don’t want to miss them. In her review ofTHE VOW for Vanity Fair Lisa Hanawalt nails the sidekicks this time. We’d also note that her venues are getting bigger and bigger. Hanawalt ftw.


Unpossible? No: Ralph Wiggum gets his own comic

Not only is it the Simpsons’ 500th episode this weekend

Not only did creator Matt Groening get his star on the Walk of Fame today

But RALPH WIGGUM is getting his own comic book later this month.