What is “Skype Hype”? Steve Niles, Ron Marz and Jimmy Palmiotti Explain


Earlier this week, almost out of nowhere, comic creators Ron Marz, Steve Niles and Jimmy Palmiotti came up with a concept called Skype Hype. And only a few days after coming up with the idea, they’ve already trialled and tested it, in what could be a bold move forward in how comics are marketed to […]

The vacation continues

Rather expectedly, my flight this morning to snowbound NYC was canceled. Unexpectedly, I can’t get another flight home until Friday. Oops. I had a bunch of things I was working on for this week, but I foolishly neglected to upload them to the server and they’re all sitting on my home computer. Oh well. As […]

The long strange trip

I know you don’t come here to see my vacation photos, but if there was ever a Man Against Weather post, it’s been my Christmas trip to the UK. My arrival last weekend — with a connecting flight in Paris — got caught up in the ongoing European travel crisis — earlier and more plentiful […]

Ho Ho Holiday Travel

Since THE BEAT herself might not be in a position to post right now, I’m fairly certain this is a sentiment that she would most likely want expressed at this festive time of year. US AIRWAYS = !^%#&^!%$!*!@(* I don’t know if it’s the crappy weather all over the country or the amount of people […]