Crumb still shocking

R. Crumb’s appearance at Virginia Commonwealth University last week has led to a campus controversy, with his comments on rape and misogyny igniting complaints from students and statements from officials: Timothy Patterson, a Richmond College senior, cited a quote from Crumb’s speech in his response to The Collegian: “Every woman has a rape fantasy. Every […]

Library report: Some good, some not as good

A couple of stories spotlighting the matter of graphic novels in libraries– GNs remain among the most popular books to check out, and libraries have been a major force in getting younger readers exposed to comics. But their popularity is not without controversy, as this story shows: Two Kentucky librarians were fired for not allowed […]

Crumb’s GENESIS makes waves and appearances

You’re one of the world’s most revered but reclusive cartoonists and you’ve just put out a book that confronts the biggest human enterprise of all: religion. So how to do you promote your book tour? If you’re R. Crumb, hardly at all, as this statement at his website shows: Robert, in accordance with his agreement […]

Just how dirty is DRAGONBALL?

Ever since the manga revolution hit American shores, comics industry observers have been writing for parents to catch on to the fact that their kids are reading stories about passionate gay love affairs and teachers seducing their students, and a full-on book burning crusade taking place. Fortunately, that hasn’t happened. Outcry has been limited to […]

Laff of the day

We love it when two memes come together.

OH NO, not the gossip war again.

Sometime in the night, the marvelous Gail Simone went on Twitter and spoke thusly: Do We Need Tabloid And Gossip Comics Journalism? which Rich Johnston picked up at the above link. Simone is no stranger to the message board, so the debate continues in the link and its very own Twitter topic. Now, I haven’t […]

SDCC Safety alert: Beware the pedicab!

Those of us who are San Diego bound are gearing up for many things, including the inevitable oceans of pedicabs swarming like seagulls over every scrap of pedestrian. But a lengthy LA Times report on the pedicabs of San Diego reveals that the city is acting to curb these ubiquitous peddlers: But the tourist tradition […]

TSA finds comic script threatening

Via his Twitter feed, writer Mark Sable reveals that he was detained for 30 minutes prior to a flight by the TSA after a random search turned up a copy of his script to UNTHINKABLE. In the BOOM! series, a government think tank spends its time thinking up possible terrorist scenarios. Read Twitter backwards! # […]

Cartoon Last Supper offends some San Diegans

A painting by Glen Tarnowski refitting Da Vinci’s Last Supper to include Bugs Bunny, the Grinch, and other toons has offended some passers-by in Old Town, San Diego.. The painting is hanging in the front window of the Chuck Jones Gallery, and provoked a mixed reaction from the locals: “We never intended to offend anyone,” […]

Sexy Spidey outrages mom

As reported late last week, a mother in Millard, Nebraska was shocked by the sexual undertones in a Spider-Man graphic novel that her six-year-old son checked out of the local school library: “It has a lot of sexual undertones in here, as far as sexuality goes,” she said. “They can learn this through any other […]

Devil pleasing twiddle rompus is upon us

We’re on a hiatus today while we deal with pressing matters, but we thought you would like this subtext-laden Wolverine blow up toy, and the ChristWire article that blows it up: It looks like our homo supporting friends over at Marvel have created a new toy to encourage young boys to perform mouth to mouth […]

Nerd moles moving on hurting comics?

We received a note the other day about Time’s Top Ten of Everything being far from everything, since it doesn’t include Graphic Novels. It does have a (rather unimaginative, we think) Top 10 Editorial Cartoons, and Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book made the Top Ten Books. It’s a little sad, considering that last year, Comics […]

Canadian literary awards still don’t like pictures

New scandal: The SKIM snub. The ruckus started last week when Chester Brown and Seth wrote an open letter to the Canadian Governor General Literary Awards committee. The letter, also signed by such luminaries as Lynda Barry, Chris Ware, Dan Clowes, and other heavy hitters, was to protest that the awards committee had nominated the […]

Hitting too close to home

Did this happen to anyone else? We had three different people we know send us a link to yesterday’s CUL DE SAC by Richard Thompson. Also, you should get the first CUL DE SAC collection. As Tom would likely tell you, it’s one of the best newspaper strips around these days. posted by Mark Coale

What’s threatening us now

While some think that the Potty Mouth Batman variant may be the trigger to a new comics witch hunt, it’s more likely that THIS kind of thing will be more alarming if someone wants to make a big meal of things. Anybody who doubts the rapidly growing influence of Japan’s erotic cultural imports in the […]

To boycott or not to boycott?

The Hyatt Boycott Controversy has raged for a bit now, with Chris Butcher saying yes here and Chris Williams saying no here. Tom Spurgeon said the argument was spinach and to hell with it: As tends to be the case with comics folk post-1990 or so pressed to make some kind of simple decision that […]