Crumb explains why he won’t go to Sydney

Last week legendary cartoonist R. Crumb disappointed Australian fans who were looking forward to a rare public appearance, when he withdrew, The cause was incendiary comments in a Sunday Telegraph piece called Smutty show a comic outrage which branded him a pervert.

In a letter to the editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, Crumb explains himself a length, and to those who have branded him a woman-hating creep, it’s mostly to make his wife happy — she feared for his safety:

Apple censors underground comics classics

While we were linking to the previous Michael Dooley articles, we found another one from Comic-Con, an interview with Kim Munson, whose Comix Classics: Underground Comics app for iPhone, iPad, and Android hard a hard time getting approved. The app is a survey of classic underground comics art with images from S. Clay Wilson, Reed Waller, Denis Kitchen and more. The pictures are quite dirty — we struggled to find one to post with this piece before settling on Jimmy Durante by Drew Friedman — but nothing that isn’t legal and available in other places. However, Apple, the electronic middleman, has other ideas:

BLACK EYE and YOUNG LIONS seized at Canadian border

Canadians seem like a peaceful, tolerant folk, but they have a record of seizing a lot of material at the border, including, this week, several copies of the comics anthology BLACK EYE. Editor Ryan Standfest has a complete account in the link. Basically cartoonist Tom Neely was carrying five copies of the book across the border, when the books were seized. Neely writes:

Gaiman vs Dean continues with more threats, cuts and cartoons

The contretemps over Neil Gaiman’s $45,000 speaking fee and the Minnesota House majority leader who called him a “pencil-necked weasel” has continued, in the way that all matters of life and death have. Alex Pareene / at Salon has one side of it:

Gaiman vs Dean round 2 involves mom-decreed apology

You may recall that yesterday Minnesota House Majority Leader Matt Dean got his website crashed after he called Neil Gaiman “a pencil-necked weasel” and a hated thief over a reported $45,000 speaking see at a library.

Gaiman, naturally, fired the next round at his blog:

Minnesota pol calls Neil Gaiman a "pencil-necked little weasel"

A Minnesota budget battle has expanded into an attack on Neil Gaiman, as one fiscally-minded politician called the Newbery Award winning writer, whom he “hates,” a “pencil-necked little weasel who stole $45,000 from the state of Minnesota.”

Essex County's near-win points up anti-GN prejudice

Japan; The manga censor's day

This article from New Zealand goes into more detail on he thinking behind the current manga sales restrictions, and they are pretty much aimed at stopping young folks from doing anything stupid and fun, not stopping perverts. Take this from gynecologist Dr Tsuneo Akaeda, who thinks manga leads to STDs:

DC ditches Comics Code for video game-like rating system

Over on the various DC blogs, Jim Lee and Dan DiDio have announced that DC is pulling out of the Comics Code in favor of a multi-layer ratings system:

Don’t let this happen to comics…

Apparently some politician in Baltimore is using kids reading comic books as the result of a lack of teachers and money for education. Perhaps she should be shown around the Baltimore Comic-Con to see what a fine, upstanding bunch of folks read comics. Thank god she never saw Yaoi.

School library votes to keep BONE on the shelves

After a Minnesota mother challenged her school library on keeping Jeff Smith’s BONE on its shelves — citing smoking, drinking gambling and sexy innuendo as reasons it wasn’t fit for kids — the library board voted 10-1 to keep Bone on the shelves. The mother still objected to the books, but brought her two sons to the meeting, explaining that “It’s important for them to see the process of how books are chosen,” she said. Removing the book from 12 of the the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan school district’s 18 libraries would have been a very rare step — only 20 books have been challenged in the past 20 years, the last being “All But Alice,” by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, which was removed in 1997.

Scandal: Portland Mercury disses comics! UPDATED WITH MORE OUTRAGE

Speaking of Stumptown, we were recently alerted to a local brouhaha, namely, last week’s preview of Stumptown in The Portland Mercury. Shockingly, despite the mayor declaring Comics Month and Portland generally being Cartoon-town, USA, the Mercury ended up running this weird “comics are for losers” comic by Carolyn Main and Riley Michael Parker, apprently as […]

Super Nerd Mash-Up

Yes, Mythbusters will try and build Captain James T. Kirk’s cannon, with which he took on the deadly Gorn. Can the world handle this clash of geekery? [posted by mark coale]

Evangelist: If Alan Moore isn’t porno, what is?

Even as our previous story on the Jessamine County Library LoEG controversy was getting Boing Boinged — on Alan Moore’s birthday no less — and stirring up a whole new round of observations, events were heating up at a library board meeting, as reported by Amy Wilson. And this time, we even got the money […]

Alan Moore, destroyer of library workers

Amy Wilson in the Lexington Herald-Leader has an in-depth story on just what went on when two Lexington, KY librarians library workers were fired for withholding a copy of THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN: BLACK DOSSIER from an 11-year-old girl. What followed has become a battle of principles that is larger than the women ever […]

Crumb still shocking

R. Crumb’s appearance at Virginia Commonwealth University last week has led to a campus controversy, with his comments on rape and misogyny igniting complaints from students and statements from officials: Timothy Patterson, a Richmond College senior, cited a quote from Crumb’s speech in his response to The Collegian: “Every woman has a rape fantasy. Every […]