Marvel’s Sana Amanat returns to the White House — that’s good, right?


Recently Marvel’s Director of Content Development Sana Amanat met the President of the United States during a Women’s History Month event. Evidently she liked the White House so much she returned yesterday for The United State of Women Summit where she appeared on a panel called “REEL Change: Advancing Equity and Opportunity in Media.” This […]

Anti-Wertham comic from the 40s found in library collection


Prof. Carol Tilley, who previously revealed that anti-comics crusaderDr. Fredric Wertham’s research wasn’t all that is at it again. While rummaging through the archives at the Billy Ireland Library she found an unknown comic by an unnamed artist that satirized Wertham’s anti comics crusade. It was called “The Uncanny Adventures of (I Hate) Dr. Wertham.” […]

The artist who made the vagina kayak is coming to North America despite jail threat


Rokudenashiko (aka Megumi Igarashi) is a Japanese artist best known for creating a kayak that was based on a 3D scan of…an intimate part of her body. And she paddled around in it. Happily. The Japanese government was somehow offended by this and prosecuted her for obscenity—the trial has taken place and a verdict has not been rendered yet.

Her memoir What Is Obscenity? The Story of a Good For Nothing Artist and Her Pussy, will be published this spring by Koyama Press, and she’s coming to North America for a series of lectures and signings sponsored by arts organizations and free speech advocacy groups. And appearing at TCAF. So you will be able to hear all about her travels and canoeing*** in person.

‘This One Summer’ removed from a Florida school and under investigation


Here we go again. A parent in Seminole County, Fla. found that her nine year old brought home This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki and thought it was way too adult for her kid and complained, and the local TV news has launched an investigation and discovered that shockingly, the book, which […]

One MIllion Moms objects to Lucifer hitting the all you can eat breadsticks at Olive Garden


Hm, a TV show called Lucifer. I was wondering when someone would object to a network TV show named after Satan, and sure enough One Million Moms took up the challenge: FOX’s new drama “Lucifer” is spiritually dangerous. The new program “Lucifer” glorifies Satan as a caring, likable person in human flesh. The character Lucifer […]

Twitter bans indie cartoonist who fought back against abusive tweets


UPDATE: Gfrorer’s account has been reinstated but I’ll leave this up as a cautionary tale. Twitter has had a harassment problem for a long time. Like, a loooooooong time. Something about the impersonal format gives free reign to any and all disgusting behavior. I myself—along with several other women in comics—was the target of a […]

Chris Ware battles for graphic literature with “Why I Love Comics”


It seems that Chris Ware, the genius behind Building Stories and other structural comics masterpieces, and Hajime Isayama, the Attack on Titan creator we wrote about a few posts ago, share some of the same things: low self esteem as the lot of the cartoonist. Ware has as piece called “Why I Love Comics” in […]