AVENGERS movie update: Thor and Captain America brawl on the streets

We don’t need us to tell you that it’s tough times in the heartland of America these days. Slowing manufacturing, a recession that never really ended in some places, and a recovery that has failed to ignite.

Luckily, one thing has come to the Steel belt to liven things up — superhero movies. With Batman filming in Pittsburgh, Superman in Chicago, and now The Avengers in Cleveland (standing in for NYC? Ooooooookay) it’s been boom times for photographers.

Here’s the latest Avengers leaked photos, showing Cap and Thor battling mocapped Hydra or someone goons.

Watch Harrison Ford rip the head off Papa Smurf

The feud between dueling comics movies COWBOYS & ALIENs and THE SMURFS erupted in violence last night when COWBOYS star Harrison Ford ripped the head off a stuffed Papa Smurf handed to him my late night chat host Conan O’Brien.

Ford’s rage may have been misplaced, as COWBOYS AND ALIENS eventually edged SMURFS at the box office by a million buckaroonies or so.

If nothing else, the incident set up a dandy idea for a sequel: COWBOYS VS LITTLE BLUE PEOPLE.

The Red Hood is definitely a MEMBER of the Bat family

When DC released a bunch of October Bat-book covers the other day, it was quickly noticed that Starfire’s costume had gotten much smaller, a natural move for the exhibitionist alien.

It was also noticed that part of the Red Hood had gotten bigger.

Chinese prisoners forced to play World of Warcraft for money

It’s a new style of pimping.

Instead of selling their bodies, or busting their backs digging ditches, some Chinese prisoners are forced to play World of Warcraft and pass the winnings on to cruel prison guards.

Where did that Macho Man/Jesus/Rapture painting come from anyway?

By now you have all seen the above image, which swept through social media yesterday with the tagline “Macho Man prevented the Rapture.” In a world seemingly without order, connecting the senseless (and very sad) death of Randy “Macho Man” Savage, and the impending Rapture predicting by Harold Camping (inexplicably still alive) would seem to give us some joy.

But where did it come from? Such viral images come and go so quickly on the internet, we thought it would be informative to see what we could come up with as an origin story.

RIP: Macho Man

The war between cars and wrestlers has claimed another victim. Randall “Randy Savage” Poffo, who thrilled the wrestling world with his hysterical rumblings and grumblings as Macho Man, died in a car crash this morning at age 58. He reportedly suffered a heart attack while behind the wheel, and veered across traffic into a tree. His wife of one year was also in the vehicle but was not seriously injured.

Jason Aaron's beard still very awesome

In case you were wondering, Aaron, author of SCALPED, WOLVERINE and PUNISHER MAX, sports a beard as fearsome as his talent.

Green Lantern heating up…in unexpected ways

We all know Green Lantern is HOT. The comic, the movie, Ryan Reynolds. Blackest Night set the DCU on a whole new course, and the GL family of books under the guidance of Geoff Johns, has continued to lead the sales charts.

But in Green Lantern hot enough to start a small electrical fire?


Preview: The Arctic Marauder by Jacques Tardi — wow!

An astonishing icepunk adventure by the great French cartoonist Jacques Tardi is coming in March from Fantagraphics. It looks incredible.

Jim Woodring's giant pen writes, and having writ, moves on

Jim Woodring demonstrates the giant pen at the Gage Academy.

What's it's really like: The V for Vendetta gunman

As you may have read, a gunman down in Panama City, Florida walked into a school board meeting, sprayed a V for Vendetta symbol on the wall, walked around with a gun, making a lot of statements, started shooting and eventually was shot by a deputy, then killed himself. (Reports differ on this, but the most credible reports are that he used his gun on himself.)

This video is pretty unbelievable, especially the part where a woman sneaks behind him and whacks him with her purse. And gets worse from there.

When love turns violent: Watch Boo Boo kill Yogi

Back in August we noted that the upcoming Yogi Bear movie appeared to be horror film about deviant sex, based on the perverted poster.

When we finally saw the trailer in theaters, we suggested in jest that shooting the filmmakers was the only way to stop this abomination.

It turns out someone had a similar idea.

Except it was instead to show Booboo shooting Yogi to get a measly $5000 in blood money reward.

NYCC 10: Conan's hints

Click for a larger, printable version — do it Conan’s way!

Must reading: Today's crappiest comics genres

Over at Techland, Douglas Wolk pinpoints 14 different kinds of comic books that we could do with less of, using the hideous sight of a crying Dr Doom as the symbol. Samples:

Who is the biggest villain in comics today?

The recently revamped by Matt Fraction MANDARIN? The revitalized under Paul Cornell LEX LUTHOR? Or … this guy?

Jocks and nerds mix so well together

As you may know, in recent years, the Padres are scheduled to be on the road during Comic-Con, to alleviate congestion down by the Convention Center and probably so studios can rent out Petco Park for promotional events, like the 300 screening a few years ago. However, as it turns out, the Padres are having […]