The DFC Library Day One: David Fickling

When the weekly DFC comics magazine came to an end in 2009 after only 43 issues many in the UK comics scene were saddened by its loss. The magazine was launched by David Fickling Books, a division of Random House, in 2008 and while it may not exist anymore as a weekly comic, the imprint […]

Nice Art: Turf One

via the Johnathan Levine Gallery The Artist’s Unconscious Mind (Self-portrait) by Jean Labourdette (aka Turf One). Limited edition print, $185. Only 50 available.

The ideaspace loves MONKEYS

Do Marvel and DC really copy each other? It’s been noted that they seem to have a lot of ideas in common these days — Cap and Bats having similar seeming deaths and resurrections, similar zombie focused events followed by the dawning of new “lighty brighty” movements — Brightest Day and the Heroic Age. But […]

Pete Von Sholly’s Vonshollywood

Old Beat pal Pete Von Sholly is an artist and storyboarder for such films as Mars Attacks!, Disney’s James and the Giant Peach, The Shawshank Rdemption, and so forth. He sent us a link to his art blog, which includes much humorous work, like the above, and also this strip, which is kinda crude, but […]


Is Marvel’s new LOCKJAW AND THE PET AVENGERS miniseries an homage to WE3? The miniseries will be written by Chris Eliopoulous. NC: I just know Frog Thor’s in it. That makes me happy. CE: Lockjaw, the aforementioned Frog Thor or Throg, Redwing, Falcon’s bird, Lockheed, Niels, Speedball’s cat, who now goes by Hairball, Zabu and […]


How about a little Hal Foster Tarzan to brighten up your day? Via Golden Age Comic Book Stories.

Y: The Last Party video

Y The Last Party – Q&A with Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra MySpace is hosting a few videos from last months Y; The Last Party blowout at Meltdown in LA. This video features Joss Whedon, Mark Waid, Don Murphy, R. Eric Lieb, a monkey, and the live Q+A with co-creators Brian K. Vaughan and […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits

§ Todd Allen continues his dispassionate look at the current web comics scene, with ann examination of Marvel’s Online DCU, and just how Zuda and ComicsMix may actually make money. Always worth a read. § The Monkey Day site is petitioning web comics for support. What are you waiting for? How do we sign up? […]

Morrison was right: Monkeys are ventriloquists!

Okay, that headline is a little misleading, but according to this piece a tiny part of the monkey brain is able to process sight and sound simultaneously which could shed light on both ventriloquists and synesthesia, the neurological condition in which two or more senses are intertwined. Confusing? “Our results show that there are interactions […]

Kibbles 'n' Bits

§ My cunning plan is working. § Murakami Gala— now that sounds fun! And Kanye was there! § Halloween stirs imagination in costume-loving Japan — the mind boggles. A Halloween street party? “Ah, no, this is cos-play,” says 20-year-old Saori, referring to costume role-play, or the Japanese past-time of dressing up as their favourite animation […]

Monkey attacks!

A politician in New Dehli recently fell to his death after a savage attack by a band of roaming monkeys. He must have been in such pain that plunging to his demise was the only way to end the fierce, burning agony of the monkey attack! Although this sounds like the kind of solution to […]

Gurewitch and the Ape

Ray Quentin sends us a video of the now famed Nicholas Gurewitch/Great Ape skit at this year’s Ignatz Awards. Sadly, the lighting was so low in the auditorium that you can’t really see the monkey’s very funny actions, but some of the charm comes across.

Battle for Monkey

We’re not as sick as Dirk, but we do have a mild case of “Wesnoth-itis.” Symptoms include the desire to sit in a darkened room and play Battle for Wesnoth all day. Hey, it happens to everyone. BTW, we have recently discovered this interesting blog called “Monkeys in the News” — but a lot of […]

New foe for the Flash?

As seen at giantmonster! via Boing Boing.

Drinky Crow May 13!

Because we were feeling very guilty and wanted to do penance, we watched some of the live action shows on Adult Swim last night and decided for the 30th time that the complete raison d’etre for most of them is simply making you feel uncomfortable. Hooray. Putting hoisin sauce in your underpants will do that, […]

Heard around

At Wizard World LA, Dan Didioembraced the truth: Asked about Detective Chimp, Didio interjected “You cannot add a chimp to anything and not make it better.”