The Hulk comes to The Northlake Library


We’ve been covering the thrilling saga of the Nine Foot Tall Hulk Statue and the Northlake Library for months, and we’re happy to say it finally reached it’s destination and was unveiled for the local crowd. Here’s several pictures of the happy event from the local paper. Mastermind librarian Tom Mukite, who started the whole […]

Diamond announces their Common Core list


While many of you many be wondering “What’s a common core?” if you’re in the publishing business it’s been the buzzword of the year. Simply put, it concerns basic standards in learning for all schools in the US, and a curriculum based on materials that fit those standards and topics. A list that could very […]

MIX: call for proposals


MIX is a comics confab held each year in Columbus, OH by the Columbus College of Art and Design. This year’s event will be held September 27-28th, and they are currently accepting proposals for panels and presentations. All the info you need is below, but there’s more here. The keynote guest is Jeff Smith, and […]

Today’s big read: “The oral history of graphic novels in libraries.”


Well that’s what my copy editor called my story for PW How Graphic Novels Became the Hottest Section in the Library. Over a couple of months I talked to many of the major players in the GN/library connection like Robin Brenner, Mike Pawuk, Karen Green, Christian Zabriskie, Tina Coleman and so on to get a picture of where graphic novels got started in libraries and where they are going.

Library hopes to build 9 foot statue of the Hulk and you can help


The Northlake library in Illinois has hatched a scheme to build a large scale— 9 foot tall—statue of The Hulk. To do so they have fashioned an Indiegogo campaign. So far they have raised only $920 of the $30,000 needed, so you better get your ass over and there and pledge because it’s pretty obvious that the world needs more giant statue of the Hulk outside libraries.

You don’t know who Walter Biggins is but he’s fantastic and now it’s too late


Confession: I did not know the name of the editor of the University Press of Mississippi’s excellent line of books about comics—spanning scholarly works on Chris Ware, Alan Moore, Osamu Tezuka and everyone in between—but his name is Walter Biggins and now he’s leaving. But luckily Jeet Heer, who wrote several books for the line, catches up with him first —hopefully USM’s strong comics list will continue:

To do this weekend, East Lansing, Michigan: MSU Comics Forum


Wow did we miss the boat on this. Two days in and we finally link to it. Shameful. On the other hand, it’s a sign of comics ongoing academic respectability that a three day comics symposium featuring Nick Bertozzi, Josh Neufeld, Erin Polgreen and more could be taking place and there would be so much other comics stuff going on that it would only be the most serious of six or seven other top notch events. Anyway read all about it here, and there’s still time to get in on the fun with tonight’s keynote and tomorrows panels: