This weekend: The Prisoner

As previously mentioned, Sunday night, AMC premieres the first episode of their reimagining of The Prisoner. To support this, there’s quite an extensive website up. They are also serializing a PRISONER graphic novel by M. Scott Veach, Mitchell Breitweiser and Hugo Petrus. The story is a prequel, exploring the background of the Village. Be forewarned, […]

The mystery of Thomasina


No biography of Patrick McGoohan is complete without mentioning THE THREE LIVES OF THOMASINA, and The Beat is no exception. The movie was on Hallmark the other day. We DVR’d for later viewing and, wow, was this full of surprises. A movie about a lovable tot who dresses her kitty in a bonnet? Yes, but […]

Random thoughts

Over on the Wildstorm blog the other day, they dropped a BOMBSHELL. Gen13 is getting a new artist, a very talented fellow. And his name is Cruddie Torian. How do you just go on after this kind of thing? Why does Austin Trunick get to be the one who writes the blog post called Meet […]

A little more print goes away — UPDATED

UPDATE: At The Wrap, a THR insider  disputes the THR online only story, although, saying they’ll stick around through the lucrative Awards season isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for the future of the print edition. Nikki Finke reports some changes for the Hollywood trades: Variety is going back behind a paywall online and THR (The […]

The day in press releases

Press releases, we get press releases. By the bushel. And a lot of times we just skim. But then, sometimes, some thing catches our eye. Look, this could have been anyone. Us, even. But, I guess this means that Archie isn’t marrying Betty OR Veronica, but POISON IVY, right? And a garden weasel is gonna […]