Random blogging advice

I remember summer! Via Sleestak. Now that we’ve all woken up, let’s talk meta. Let’s talk THE BLOGGING LIFE AND THE TOOLS THEREOF. The other day Marc-Oliver gave a nice shout out to dedicated daily bloggers, and highlighted Dirk’s truly ghastly schedule, which sometimes requires him to wake up at 10 pm. Ours isn’t that […]

Lost: “Nice to meet you.”

Looks like we have a new mystery on our hands. That and so much more after the jump….

Our new favorite show

Better than Gordon Ramsay? Better than Snapped? Maybe. Destroyed in Seconds is one of those “YouTube on the small screen shows” that strings together clips of disasters and so on. But the disasters are all shot with great clarity, and the commentary is brief and informative. We watched a mini-marathon last night and it all […]

Once, children WANTED to be astronauts

Alarming headline: Astronauts tinker with urine-to-water machine Even more alarming lede: Astronauts tinkered Sunday with a troublesome piece of equipment designed to help convert urine and sweat into drinkable water, which is vital to allowing the international space station crew to double to six.

Back in the day

The history of the Internet via John Hodgman and Bruce Campbell

This weekend, we caught a Halloween evening screening of MY NAME IS BRUCE. For those not following the saga, this Dark Horse-produced film tells the Galaxy Quest-like story of a town — beset by an ancient Chinese demon — that decides to kidnap B-movie icon Bruce Campbell to fight said demon. Now, as many of […]

16 Days of Halloween: Jose Ladronn

Today’s Halloween art comes from Jose Ladronn and HIP FLASK. Ladronn was born in Mexico and won a 2006 Eisner Award for his work on HIP FLASK: MYSTERY CITY. Keep those cards and letters coming, folks…it’s getting spooky out there.

New superglue may help Spidey come closer to reality…or not

An incredible new Gecko-like glue is said to be the stickiest yet. Using some fancy-schmancy system of carbon nanotubes enhanced with curly strands of carbon, the new glue is 10 times stickier than a gecko’s feet. The substance’s adhesive qualities can also be measured in a unit we all understand: A 1-inch (2.5-cm) square of […]

These are the voyages…

For the entire cast, check out UGO.

RIP: Neal Hefti

He may have worked with Count Basie and Frank Sinatra, but jazz composer Neal Hefti will likely be best remembered for a piece of music: The Batman Theme. Hefti passed away last week at the age of 85. You can find his obit in the Washington Post here. Not only did Hefti create The Batman […]

Earthcrawler pr0n

Are we the only person who is on some kind of spam list for folks in Dubai selling expensive construction equipment (cranes and bulldozers)? With PICTURES? We are excited as anyone by the idea of looking at pictures of 80-ton cranes, but how on earth did we get on this list? Is this some kind […]

The joy of Ethernet

Sorry about that media blackout yesterday. The Marriott Inner Harbor in Baltimore is a fine hotel with wonderful bedding and a friendly staff (as well as SHOWER CAPS, a recent bugaboo at SBM), but the Ethernet modem in our room cut out every time out the computer went to sleep — necessitating a 10 minute […]

That special sensibility

Puttering around here on various projects, like PW Comics Week, a general sense of sadness is overtaking us. Adding up today’s postings, it turns out that in Hollywood, messing with one detail of a beloved comic book classic is enough to give a director flop sweats; whereas removing the structures that made one of the […]

A dark day in the world of fake fighting

Sad days in the world of pro wrestling, especially if you are a fan of the Lucha Libre style. On tonight’s 75th Anniversary CMLL show in Mexico City, Blue Panther, one of the most accomplished luchadors of the modern era, shockingly lost his mask in the main event against Villano V. If you think comics […]

Maybe Rosario should join the cast of LOVE & ROCKETS movie

We love the expression on sometime-comics creator Rosario Dawson’s face here. She’s all like “Yup. It’s all real. I DO have a fabulous complexion.”

So, he must be a superhero, right?

That’s the only explanation, right? Posted by Mark Coale