The day in press releases

Press releases, we get press releases. By the bushel. And a lot of times we just skim. But then, sometimes, some thing catches our eye. Look, this could have been anyone. Us, even. But, I guess this means that Archie isn’t marrying Betty OR Veronica, but POISON IVY, right? And a garden weasel is gonna […]

Mystery art alert

This mystery art has been making the rounds online…and in honor of the All-Star break in baseball, we approve…of whatever it is.

The Beat has a new enemy

Re our discussion yesterday of GHOSTBUSTERS 2, which The Beat found disappointing, punk rock band Art Brut frontman and comics fan Eddie Argos is apparently among those who watched GHOSTBUSTERS on Sunday, and had this to Tweet: If you don’t like Ghostbusters 2, I don’t like you. Unless your my girlfriend. In which case I’ll […]

The night everyone watched GHOSTBUSTERS

If our Twitter feed is to be believed, we follow a very high percentage of people who are interested in a) watching GHOSTBUSTERS or b) purchasing the new GHOSTBUSTERS on Blu-ray or c) purchasing the new GHOSTBUSTERS video game. Perhaps this brain trust could help us answer why GHOSTBUSTERS was so great and GHOSTBUSTERS 2 […]

Separated at birth?

The game changer

Was talking to a good friend the other day, one I had worked with back in my magazine publishing days. (I worked at various publications, trade and consumer, for several years, including a long stint at Disney Adventures.) He reported that he and just about everyone I had worked with on staff have been laid […]

Green Lantern’s greatest feat?

We weren’t entirely hep to what Rich Johnston was talking about the other day, but the Coventry Telegraph has made an image that even a dullard could interpret and it seems that Green Lantern is making crop circles! Out of oilseed rape! (please, no Women in Refrigerators comments.) Over at Comic Book Resources, Rich Johnston […]

Status report

We managed to move our office, but were so appalled by the amount of stuff that we had accumulated that we just moved it all so we can sit and stare at it in horror. We did, however uncover some surplus comics, so look for some cool giveaways here at Stately Beat Manor over the […]

Infinite Monkey Comics randomizes chaos

Flickr and Twitter are pretty much the Infinite Monkey Theory in actual practice–ultimate ephemeral randomness, projected from the brains of a representative sampling that approaches the average. And now you can prove it by turning these two movable zeitgeists into comics via a randomizer! Infinite Monkey Comics takes a similar approach, however with less deliberation […]

Oh, Sam Raimi, we never stopped believing in you

Despite increasingly cranky Bruce Campbell’s insistence that he doesn’t want to make EVIL DEAD 4, director Sam Raimi was all over SXSW saying that he’s up for it: However, speaking to Sam Raimi at SXSW on the eve of the premiere of his new film, “Drag Me To Hell,” the director didn’t seem worried in […]

Is the Beat comment section headed for the glue factory?

Religiously patrolling our comment section as we do, in between all the spammers who think this is an excellent site and would love to talk to my webmaster — it was just what they were looking for — we’ve noticed that our peanut gallery is turning into more of an Ensure gallery, as crotchety old […]

Corky is an imposter!

We can’t be the only people who detest the first week of Daylight Savings Time? Not for political reasons, but just because? Admittedly, the extra daylight is a boon, marking the end of the Seasonal Affective Disorder Season and the coming of Spring Coat Season and eventually Rooftop Sangria Season. And what about that Corky? […]

Idle thoughts

Have you heard about this WATCHMEN movie that’s coming out? We’re not sure what it’s about, but it looks kind of loud. This interview with the director, Zack Snyder, is interesting. Did you know he has six kids? How did that happen? Anyway, apparently this WATCHMEN movie is the LAST WORD in the superhero movie. […]

Something cute to look at #2

Via Jonathan Ross’s Twitter Even Bono thinks Clive Owen is hot, evidently.

How sweet the silent backwards tracings

Sorry we disappeared yesterday. We had chores to do. BTW, isn’t a shame that comics don’t have word balloons on the covers any more?

Captain Kirk planning to take over Canadian civilization

William Shatner, beloved blowhard, pitchman, voice-over actor, and the man who made the phrase “Get a life!” famous as a nerd icon, would like to run for Prime Minister of his native planet, Canada: The 77-year-old star said: “My intention is to be Prime Minister of Canada, not Governor General, which is mainly a ceremonial […]