The Beat is 11 today!


It’s July 1st, meaning it’s the day we celebrate the Beat’s birthday and today marks 11 years of daily comics news! It’s a very special day—I even ganked some clip art for the occasion. I was going to write a long essay here about the State of the Blog but frankly, I’m too wiped out […]

The Strange World of EternalCon


There is nothing quite like EternalCon. It’s a throwback comics show with longboxes, cartoonists, wrestlers, Star Trek Cast members, toys and masks…all set in an aviation museum, namely the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, LI. This year’s event expanded quite a bit from last year, and artists alley was set up in the actual museum, so you could wander around and buy a comic from Greg Pak and then look at a Spitfire, or buy some old books while perusing the terrain of Mars. I saw a lot of oddball robotic sculptures dotting the premises and I never figured out of they were part of the con or part of the museum.

Don’t miss Matt Fraction on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’


Here’s the part where you support your favorite comic book creators almost as much you endorse the films they help make possible. Kelly Sue DeConnick’s husband, Matt Fraction, will be making his first appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers this Thursday, May 21. The other guests on the show include America’s Got Talent’s Heidi Klum, […]

Other colors you can get THAT dress in do not include gold


Last night twitter nation became one as never before—from Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and Gerard Way to millions of Tweets around the world, everyone was obsessed with the optical illusion of what color this dress is:

Two stories about people and their things


Last week, a sad story made the rounds about cartoonist Jim Wheelock having all of his comics stolen out of a storage unit in Vermont. It was quite a large and potentially valuable collection that went back to the 60s and in an interview at Seven Days he mourns its loss.

Winter is coming!


  Word on the street is that we’re getting some snow here in the Northeast.   NYC may get as much as three feet in a historic snow dump that is expected to last from this morning right on until Wednesday with blizzard-like conditions.       We at Stately Beat Manor do not fear […]

Revealed: Vietnamese Instant Coffee turns you into the world’s most powerful person


You know how sometimes being a snoopy Lois Lane leads you to discovered things you wish you hadn’t? Or how innocent symbologist Robert Langdon was just puttering along when suddenly the Pope was trying to strangle him? That’s what we have on our hands here. I made my regular pre-Comic-Con trip down to Tin Tan […]

Thinking about Kim Thompson, life and death


(Photo from and © American Virus) When I moved to Los Angeles in the 80s, I lived in West Hollywood at the height of the AIDS crisis. I was a sheltered young woman without much in the way of life experience, but I was to get it in a hurry. My neighbors were dying like […]

SDCC '12: The defining moment and the burrito

How a stop for a bit of hearty breakfast can change your life.

Must cry: The Cartoon Crier

We mentioned this in our official MoCCA report for Publishers Weekly, but if there is one must-read this week, it’s The Cartoon Crier from The Center for Cartoon Studies. Distributed as a lovely free paper at MoCCA, you can now read it in Issu form at the link.

But we must warn you. DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE NOT SAD. Because it will make you sad.

Random thoughts on hoarding

About once a year, we give Stately Beat Manor a really good going-over — tossing out unwanted pamphlets, moving some stuff into storage, organizing permanent additions and so on — and after doing so we write a post with our thoughts about storage and hoarding and so on.

This is that post, c. 2011.

I assume most of you reading this are borderline hoarders, like The Beat. Your shelf porn resembles a splatter film. You have more longboxes than you do pieces of silverware. Your home contains at least one Billy. You have at one time — perhaps even at this very moment — made use of some kind of software to catalog your collection even if it was just Excel or Google spreadsheets. You know the drill.

Is it possible to stay in touch without a phone or Facebook?

This weekend I suffered the technocrat’s greatest nightmare and dunked my iPhone. It’s currently sitting in a bag of rice and soon I will find out if my life is over or not. In the meantime, for someone who is attached at the metacarpal to her iPhone, this past weekend was very interesting.

For instance, I had to find my way to someplace I’d never been. Instead of relying on GPS when I got out of the subway, before leaving the house I had to look it up on a map and print it out. And then pull out a paper and look at the map when I arrived. It was like a Geico caveman commercial.

Majestic Snow Batman towers over Vermont

Speaking of Vermont, Beat Spy Inky Jen passed along this epic photo of a huge Batman carved from the icy terrain spotted by a passing motorist/blogger. (Click link for larger image.)

What I was doing in 1997

Once I was paid to review websites. In a magazine. And look what was cutting edge in 1997 in the pages of CMJ Monthly.

Morning wake up

Oh yeah, that’s how the Federation rolls.

Things the internet was made for: Kanye New Yorker cartoons

Take one part Kanye West’s completely solipsistic Twitter feed. Add in one part abstruse New Yorker cartoons. Result: comedy.