EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Samuel Sattin on the Dog Eat Dog World of LEGEND

LEGEND_issue 1 cover_koehler

Z2 Comics might not be the biggest or most recognized comic book publisher, however that could change soon. With lightning in a bottle titles like Welcome to Showside  and Henni, they are proving to be one of the most diverse publishers in the industry. This week sees the debut of Legend from the creative team […]

Interview: Why Aliens Defiance Belongs in the Beloved Franchise


Remember the first time you saw a baby Xenomorph burst from someone’s midsection in Alien? The moment when that monster opened its jaw only to see an even smaller head inch so close to Sigorney Weaver’s face that it made you clutch the armrest of your seat even tighter. For almost 30 years now Alien has been […]

MATT CHATS: Tim Daniel on Designing Comics and Constructing Stories


I’ve enjoyed Tim Daniel’s design work since he started working on books with current Captain America writer Nick Spencer at the Image Comics imprint Shadowline. I was even lucky enough to have him design a logo for a series I wrote once upon a time. Ahead of my upcoming, extensive piece about the state of design in […]