31 Days of Halloween: Pokémon Go’s Halloween Event offers Ghosts and Lots and Lots of Candy!


OH boy! As one of the five last people playing Pokémon Go I’m pretty darn excited by this! Those who stopped playing are missing out as it’s proven that playing increases one’s physical activity by 25%, which was the whole point of the game. For Halloween Pokemon GO has just rolled out spooky spawnings of haunters, cubones […]

31 Days of Halloween: Marvel’s Monsters Unleashed variants by Mignola, Pichelli and more


Marvel has just released some variant covers for their MONSTERS UNLEASHED event in January. They’re by the likes of Mignola, Sienkiewicz, Pichelli , Adams and McGuinness, so enjoy. Let’s face it, these covers are totally cool. The only thing missing is Brag-ga-doom!

31 Days of Halloween Update: Here’s how to make your David S. Pumpkins costume right now!


As we told you earlier today, David S. Pumpkins is the spirit of Halloween ’16. Any questions? We’re certain folks are already planning their David S.  costumes now, and it turns out it’s all available at your Halloween local pop-up, as styled by MaDonna Flowers at HalloweenCostumes.com. Even the Pumpkins suit is available (although maybe not for […]

31 Days of Halloween: David S. Pumpkins, instant icon


Halloween just got a new trending costume, and it’s David S. Pumpkins, the inexplicable highlight of a haunted elevator ride. Pumpkins, as portrayed by Tom Hanks, made his smashing debut in a Saturday Night Live sketch, bedeviling riders Kate McKinnon and Beck Bennett with his dancing skeletons and mirthful proclamation “I’m David Pumpkins!” While the […]

31 Days of Halloween: Breaking Cat News Halloween Special


Beat favorite webcomic Breaking Cat News has been on hiatus since August, but why not revisit the classic Breaking Cat News Halloween Special from 2015, in which Puck encounters a ghost cat who is set on…knocking things off shelves. For those who haven’t experienced it before, Georgia Dunn’s webcomic mixes family life, news tropes and […]

31 Days of Halloween: Lester Fenton And The Walking Dead by Kyle Baker


Kyle Baker is well into the spirit of the season with Lester Fenton And The Walking Dead, a standalone graphic novel with a timeless tale of terror: On the verge of a prom date with the school’s hottest cheerleader, a mild-mannered nerd must cope with his father’s return from the dead. But when he uncovers […]

31 Days of Halloween: Marvel sets free two Monsters Unleashed tie-ins


Monsters Unleashed is Marvel’s first big event of 2017, with the Avengers, the Champions, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the X-Men, the Inhumans and the rest going up against hordes of giant monsters. You’ll need little more than that to sell you on the idea, but it’s written by Cullen Bunn with art by Steve McNiven, Leinil Yu, Adam Kubert, Greg Land and Salvador Larocca.

31 Days of Halloween: The Visitor is a spooky new comic from Mignola, Roberson, Grist and Crabtree


Revealed via a video teaser on THR, The Visitor is a new project from Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson, Paul Grist and Bill Crabtree coming out next February from Dark Horse. As the teaser reveals, it’s set in WWII and some GIs are finding a spooky something. 

The book is part of the Mignolaverse, an on […]

31 Days of Halloween: Flying Tiger USA’s Halloween Style is Fierce


I have to admit this one is a little mean. Imagine a cross between Ikea and a dollar store: colorful Euro-styled cups, saucers, yoga gloves, fake moustaches, colored pencil sets, candle holders, umbrellas, iPhone cases and anything else you can imagine, 90% of them priced under $10. All if it with that colorful, slightly wack styling […]