24 Hours of Halloween: Sabin Cauldron’s MALEFICIUM


In addition to having the most Halloween-like name ever, cartoonist Sabin Cauldron is an up and comer who will have the third issue of his comic MALEFICIUM available at CAB next weekend. Described as the story of a “lesbian separatist witch coven in 1969 San Francisco” the first issue can be purchased at Gumroad.

24 Hours of Halloween: Norway’s love of ghosts


It’s hard to believe there are people more in love with ghost hunting that basic cable channels that program various paranormal investigation shows nearly 24/7 but it seems that ghost hunting has taken hold in normally secular Norway: Ghosts, or at least belief in them, have been around for centuries but they have now found […]

31 Days of Halloween: Doomed, the perfect soundtrack


If you’re looking fror spooky music to make your Halloween party a screaming success, do what we do at Stately Beat Manor, abd turn on Soma FM’s Doomed, a compilation of music from Coil, Fieds of the Nephelim, In Slaughter Natives, Jerry Goldsmith and the like. Halloween  is every day there but its even better […]