31 Days of Halloween Supplemental: Happy All Souls Day


  I’ll tell you a real horror story: my main computer had to go to the shop because the graphics card was shot. My backup is an old MacBook Air with only 2 gb of memory and I foolishly decided to upgrade to Sierra. Trust me on this: you cannot run Sierra on 2gbs of memory. I […]

31 Days of Halloween: Robert Kirkman’s ‘Outcast’ is now on Digital HD


While it didn’t get all the fanfare of a few other comics based shows, Cinemax’s Outcast, based on the Skybound comic by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta, finished its first season and will be coming back for more gruesome thrills. The show stars Patrick Fugit as Kyle Barnes, a young man who has been battling demonic […]

31 Days of Halloween: Jack Chick’s Halloween comics…and his photo verified!


  Jack T. Chick, homophobic cartooning demagogue, dies the other day and although it was said that he was reclusive, his website has a verified recentish photo of him and even a video, so he wasn’t all that camera shy. Although Halloween was one of the most hated things on Chick’s list – along with […]

31 Days of Halloween: Alex Ross does the Classic Universal Monsters


Just in time for Halloween, Alex Ross Fine Art has announced a series of paintings based on the Classic Universal Monsters: Frankenstein, Cracule, the Wolfman, the Invisible Man, and so on. The paintings – which have both b&w and tinted versions — will debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 — it’s never too early to start […]

31 Days of Halloween: The Forgotten Worlds of Herbert Crowley


  This is book a work of Halloween suitable art, a weird story AND an awesome Kickstarter. Triple Crown. Beehive Books, the publishing company run by Josh O’Neill, formerly of Locust Moon, is collecting the art of a forgotten master, Herbert Crowley, in The Temple of Silence: Forgotten Worlds of Herbert Crowley . Crowley was a well […]

31 days of Halloween: Halloween on Vine


  Vine isn’t really the first social media platform to go down the tubes — I think the mind wipe of MySpace counts — but it is the first to go down after establishing such a unique and bizarre creative space. Yesterday, Twitter announced (on MEDIUM, of all places) that they were ending Vine, although all current content […]

31 Days of Halloween: Review: What is a Witch – Pam Grossman and Tin Can Forest Excel


Pam Grossman and Tin Can Forest‘s latest release What is a Witch is a thing of wonder. An oversized comic with deep, luscious colours, beautifully lettered and fascinating from start to finish. This is to be expected from Tin Can Forest (the pen name of Toronto artists Pat Shewchuk and Marek Colek). Their art is […]

31 Days of Halloween: Pokémon Go’s Halloween Event offers Ghosts and Lots and Lots of Candy!


OH boy! As one of the five last people playing Pokémon Go I’m pretty darn excited by this! Those who stopped playing are missing out as it’s proven that playing increases one’s physical activity by 25%, which was the whole point of the game. For Halloween Pokemon GO has just rolled out spooky spawnings of haunters, cubones […]

31 Days of Halloween: Marvel’s Monsters Unleashed variants by Mignola, Pichelli and more


Marvel has just released some variant covers for their MONSTERS UNLEASHED event in January. They’re by the likes of Mignola, Sienkiewicz, Pichelli , Adams and McGuinness, so enjoy. Let’s face it, these covers are totally cool. The only thing missing is Brag-ga-doom!

31 Days of Halloween Update: Here’s how to make your David S. Pumpkins costume right now!


As we told you earlier today, David S. Pumpkins is the spirit of Halloween ’16. Any questions? We’re certain folks are already planning their David S.  costumes now, and it turns out it’s all available at your Halloween local pop-up, as styled by MaDonna Flowers at HalloweenCostumes.com. Even the Pumpkins suit is available (although maybe not for […]