We’re back and Leaping right into things with Batroc!


We survived the server move! Did you miss us? Don’t lie! A lot more change and improvement lie ahead but we’re settling into our new IP nicely. And it’s Leap Day! What better way to celebrate than with a salute to Batroc…the Leaper! This Captain America villain was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and appeared in Tales of Suspense #75. A French kickboxing champion he has no superpowers…save the ability to talk in a horrible French accent and…to leap!

Dark Horse announces sampler for Dark Horse Day on June 4


The comic book holiday calendar is getting crowded, and here’s a new one: Dark Horse Day, which will be held on June 4th to mark the 30th anniversary of the publisher. Events will be held at comics shops around the country and a commemorative Dark Horse Day Sampler comic is but one of the promotional […]

Holiday Comics: Kate Beaton’s annual Christmas comics


It’s becoming a tradition like plum pudding and A Christmas Story: Kate Beaton’s annual comics about her family from her trip home for Christmas. I’m not sure how they’re tagged but if you click around her Tumblr you’ll see them all. Kate’s family is no more odd or endearing than anyone’s and that what’s make these so universal. IF these don’t give you that fuzzy holiday feeling, nothing will.

Webcomics Tuesday begins with “Picnic”


It’s December 29th and most of you are on holiday or traveling around or sitting at your desk counting the minutes until you can leave. I’m in the middle group—traveling— and for those of you in the latter group, today were just posting some fine reading. The provenance of some of these is, um, hazy, but no judgements. Just entertainment!

Merry Christmas to all!


Merry Christmas from everyone at the Beat to all of you. Wishing you a peaceful, happy holiday and all the presents you asked for. If you seeking something to do between presents and turkey here are a few diversions, including a holiday greeting from Luke Cage and Danny Rand via Sanford Green. You know I […]

Christmas Comics: X-Factor #27


It’s been a while since we linked to Michael Carlyle’sThe Crapbox of Son Of Cthulhu, examining awful comics of the past, but here he takes a look at X-Factor #27, a holiday issue that he found wanting: Issue 27 was a Christmas issue. I can remember buying it off the rack as one of my […]

Holiday Comics: Pucky’s Purrfect Christmas Tips by Georgia Dunn


Breaking news! Breaking Cat News is back with a new holiday special! Pucky’s Purrfect Christmas Tips. The link is to the first chapter and then hit next to read the whole searing saga of how robber mice steal Buzzy Mouse and Puck becomes a creature of vengeance. Of course there are also special tips on how cats can “help” with Christmas that any feline owner will recognize and fear.