Hall H for Heck

Well, here we are live blogging from Hall H. Although we never received our fabled pass to the hall, there also wasn’t any line to get in, either. So we’re stuck here for an hour listening to fans behind us quoting lines from Venture Bros. The Warner Bros. booth and its bag giveaways continues to […]

Hour one

Well, we managed to make it across the floor. Once. Warner Bros. is once again giving out giant bags — this time with Wonder Woman AND a shoulder strap for crossbody styling. There’s practically a riot going on in front of the WB booth. A harried guy with a headphone told everyone, “There is no […]

Speaking of WATCHMEN, Alan Moore talks to EW

As you can well imagine, any interview that Alan Moore gives these days will be about WATCHMEN, comics movies in general, LXG, his relationship, and magic. This new interview with Entertainment Weekly has all those topics, as well as Moore talking about his favorite TV show. Do you think that any good can come of […]

Frazetta sues Vanguard

Legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta has filed suit against David Spurlock and Vanguard Productions for $2 mil, claiming the publisher used Frazetta’s artwork and signature without permission. Frazetta released a press release with his side of things yesterday: World-renowned fantasy artist Frank Frazetta filed a complaint today with the Supreme Court of the State of […]

Schaefer now at Marvel

Well, after all that chatter about who was editing what at DC, we’ve just learned that Jeanine Schaefer, who had worked with Mike Marts, Mike Carlin and Eddie Berganza on such books as Countdown, 52 and Final Infinite Crisis, just started today at Marvel, working in Tom Brevoort’s office.


Sorry for all the horrible typos yesterday. Our horrible internet connection, pressing appointments and an interface with tiny type all conspired against us. Hopefully things are better today. However, it’s yet another travel day here, as we wend our way back to Stately Beat Manor. So, normal posting will resume TOMORROW, at long last!  

BEA wraps up

It was a long day for the Graphic Novel set yesterday here at the BEA. The day started out like gangbusters with the Graphic Novel Authors Breakfast, which we reported on yesterday, Then a full slate of panels rolled out. Unfortunately, we lost our notebook during the day in all the excitement, so we’ll have […]

Graphic Novels: Not just for breakfast any more

We were a little late to this morning’s Graphic Novels Breakfast, but got there in time to see Art Spiegelman deliver an entertaining slideshow on the history of graphic novels and his own history with the form. Jeff Smith moderated and Jeph Loeb and Mike Mignola contributed their own observations. As Spiegelman pointed out, it’s […]


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