LOST: Romeo and Juliet

Juliet’s romantic history is not to the only Shakespeare connection in this week’s episode. More after the jump.

RIP: Gary Gygax

The co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons passed away this morning. He was 69. From the AP Article: Gygax and co-creator Dave Arneson developed the role-playing game in 1974 and it went on to become one of the best-selling games ever. Dungeons & Dragons is considered the grandfather of fantasy role-playing games and has influenced video […]

Random universe; random links

Webcomicker Rachel Nabors (Rachel the Great, Crow Princess) reports that she needs $25,000 worth of dental surgery and orthodontics. She’s a freelancer with no health insurance. But she does have a Paypal button. § Everyone is talking about Destination: Blog! § Author and comics scholar Dr. Kent Worcester gets the local paper treatment § Dan […]

Happy Hockey Day in Canada

For those so inclined, take a break today from reading those comics or watching DVDs for today’s annual Hockey Day in Canada. (Apparently, it’s also Hockey Day in Minnesota, according to the Islanders/Wild telecast.) The Detroit/Toronto game may be in the books already, but there are plenty of games left tonight (including the Battle of […]

A Testosterone Filled Weekend

If you’ve been spending a little much time surfing the net and reading comics (be they capes or non-capes) and feeling a little too nerdy, this is the weekend to change up the routine. There’s MMA and Super Bowl to get your juices flowing. First up the third UFC event in recent weeks, a mega-show […]

LOST: Who are the Oceanic Six?

I know they are the good guys, but whenever I kept hearing the name, I kept thinking “Sinister Six.” Yes, super nerd here. Anyway, Heidi gave you the LOST season premiere post the other day. So, here’s a place to talk about what happened in “The Beginning of the End.” SPOILERS AHOY AFTER THE JUMP

San Diego launches blog to help you get a hotel room

THe San Diego Comic-Con has launched a blog called “Staying in San Diego” to help with the most arduous task of the comics year: getting a hotel room for the show: In 2007, Comic-Con International had 125,000 attendees. We realize the challenges related to an event of this size. One of the most challenging aspects […]


Our five lucky Lulu reprint winners have been chosen. Congrats to: Brian Winkeler Joe Williams Jason Green Jennifer Sweeney and Richard Krauss Your winnings are in the mail. Thanks to everyone who entered — the response was tremendous. We will be doing MORE Beat Giveaways as we find more stuff that deserves loving homes.

Annnnnnnnd one last word

Fantagraphics’ Eric Reynolds weighs in on the pre-sell controversy, and manages to see both sides. Ultimately, however, the benefits far outweigh the costs. The Direct Market is important to us and there’s no reason it won’t remain so. So I hope we all remain interested in working with each other to grow. I believe that […]

Heath Ledger found dead

Oscar nominated actor Heath Ledger, who plays the Joker in this summer’s THE DARK KNIGHT was found dead in his Soho apartment this afternoon, multiple sources are reporting. According to the NY Times, a masseuse arriving for an appointment found the actor dead in his bedroom. Pills were found near his body. Ledger’s Joker character […]

The Beat named among EW’s 100 Greatest Websites

Thanks to my EW colleagues for the very nice kudo: The Beat pwbeat.publishersweekly.com/blog/ Heidi MacDonald is one of comic-dom’s premiere journalists, and this ”news blog of comics culture” is the result of her hard work.   We owe it all to one man.

No Laughing Matter

MTV.com has an article up talking to a bunch of folks about Heath Ledger’s Joker. Included in the article are Guillermo del Toro, Paul Dini, Jeph Loeb and … ADAM WEST! Posted by Mark Coale

CBLDF Member Holiday Party tonight!

Tonight, come celebrate comics and the First Amendment, while reveling alongside an all-star line up of creators! The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s NYC Holiday Member party, co-hosted by JahFurry, begins promptly at 7pm and continues until 11pm, with plenty of fun in between, including a live comics jam, raffles and door prizes, live jazz-funk […]

HIGH MOON wins first Zuda competition

Click for more.

Not directly related to comics but…

I don’t mean to alienate a good 8 million people, but is Washington DC a strange place or what? Go to the Corcoran Gallery near The Memorial and check out Ansel Adams in one wing, and Annie Liebowitz directly across. It’s a somewhat peculiar experience – smallish pictures of vast mountain vistas one second, and […]

2008 Eisner Judges Announced

(Via CBR) The 2008 Eisner Judges have been announced. (Please forgive my second-sourcing blog news items. I know it’s not the best netiquette but I’m just a guest-blogger?) a.i.