Carla and Lance Hoffman badly injured in fire

Blog@Newsarama has a sad story about Carla Hoffman, part-time blogger and employee at Metro Entertainment in Santa Barbara, and her husband, Lance. The two suffered second- and third-degree burns over much of their bodies as they fled a freak flash fire. As revealed in an update, their home and belongings have also been completely destroyed. […]

Bond mania hits Big Apple

By Steve Bunche, entertainment ronin Keeping the vibe of old school fandom alive, Michael Carbonaro’s always-welcome Big Apple Convention once more sets up shop this weekend at Manhattan’s Penn Plaza Pavilion and celebrates the release of the twenty-second film in the James Bond series, QUANTUM OF SOLACE, with featured guest appearances by actresses Gloria Hendry […]

More technical problems

If you’re reading this with your morning coffee, it’s because our Internet has been off all night. Thanks, Time-Warner Cable! Posted via iPhone [Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

HEREVILLE goes to Abrams

HEREVILLE, the webcomic by Russ Manning Award nominee Barry Deutsch, has been picked up by Abrams for the book treatment. It’s interesting to note that while the rush to sign cartoonists to book deals for original graphic novels has definitely subsided a bit, the publishing world is increasingly looking to webcomics. Trend alert. Amulet Books […]


Just in case we didn’t make it clear enough, you should check out Kevin Cannon’s BLOTCHMEN, his 24 Hour Comic.

Business news and notes: Hibbs, Mayo

§ Brian Hibbs’s new column extols the virtues of his POS system (MOBY), which he feels has enabled him to show an actual uptick in sales even during the current pre-recession. The whole column is worth reading, but the areas in which MOBY has helped the most are making special orders easier, and keeping less […]

To do: October 6 – 11

Monday, October 6 Washington, D.C., 5 PM – “Happy Accidents” Panel at George Washington University’s Gelman Library Cartoonists Jesse Reklaw (THE NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE), Dash Shaw (BOTTOMLESS BELLY BUTTON), Trevor Alixopulos (THE HOT BREATH OF WAR), Ken Dahl (WELCOME TO THE DAHL HOUSE), and Sarah Edward-Corbett (SEE-SAW) will join a reading and panel discussion […]

Frank Miller in Spain

The Beat’s unofficial Spanish correspondent, Pepo, alerts us to a post (in Spanish) on his blog about Frank Miller in Spain. Writer Borja Crespo caught up with Miller on his Spanish SPIRIT invasion. Pepo gave us a rough translation of Miller’s remarks, which we’ve excerpted: “Obama or McCain?” “In Europe I don’t want to talk […]

This is lame, but…

Does anyone have a picture of the Kirkman/Bendis hug at their panel I can use for a Baltimore story I’m writing? Full credit will be given. Email at the usual spot. Thanks.


Posting for today is delayed by a crappy hotel Internet connection. The Beat will return soon.

At the Harvey Awards

Hey, guys, sorry for the lack of posting today. Poor Internet connections! However, we are Twittering the Harveys at Twitter / Comixace. More later.

Polls are fun: You are what you read

We’ve decided to make everything a little more interactive here at Stately Beat Manor, because we’ve heard that social networking and interactivity are where it’s all at. To that end, we want to know more about YOU, the faithful Beat reader. Perhaps we can even create a sort of Beaters profile, kind of like the […]

Archie unveils new logos

Archie Comics continues their modernization efforts with new logos which look…well, different. Via PR: Archie Comics, the world’s largest English-language publisher of all ages comics, is pleased to unveil a new Archie Comics logo that will appear on all of its comic books, digest/double digests and graphic novels. The new Archie Comics’ logo will make […]

Math is hard!

Hall H for Heck

Well, here we are live blogging from Hall H. Although we never received our fabled pass to the hall, there also wasn’t any line to get in, either. So we’re stuck here for an hour listening to fans behind us quoting lines from Venture Bros. The Warner Bros. booth and its bag giveaways continues to […]

Hour one

Well, we managed to make it across the floor. Once. Warner Bros. is once again giving out giant bags — this time with Wonder Woman AND a shoulder strap for crossbody styling. There’s practically a riot going on in front of the WB booth. A harried guy with a headphone told everyone, “There is no […]