Looking at Diamond’s backlist charts

Oh no, not more charts? Yes! This time it’s something we haven’t seen much talked about before: Diamond’s BACKlist charts. As all publishing watchers know, the backlist is where you live and die; it’s the retirement fund; it’s the guarantee. Diamond released their January Star System best sellers, and it’s quite interesting to look at, […]

Book news: BEA changes; Harper reorg

With the New York Comic-Con seemingly successfully behind them, Reed Exhibitions has announced major changes to the BEA, the annual book trade fair. The show will stay in New York until 2012, and will move to a mid-week configuration. While there have been no changes to the 2009 show, starting in 2010 BEA will run […]

Today’s pet peeve

What is it with the comic book reviewers who include this in their reviews? This review was based on a complimentary copy provided by the publisher. I guess it’s supposed to be some kind of ethical high ground thing, but, ironically, it makes the reviewer look like a complete amateur. Because the way the world […]

RIP Maddie Blaustein

I am very saddened to learn today of the death of actress/comics writer/friend Maddie Blaustein at age 48. It’s being reported that she died in her sleep after a brief illness. Blaustein started out in the comics industry at Marvel, where he was known as Adam, but gradually went on a path that few could […]

I guess this was a long time ago

This would, I guess, be the latest in an irregular series of posts called “Discovering amazing quotes while reading old magazines.” I was digging through some boxes of books looking for reference material and I found the July 1987 issue of The Comics Journal (#116, if you want to pick up a back issue, although […]

Cable woes again

Sorry, kids, the cable went out again. Last time we complained we got a free month of HBO. The moral is to keep complaining. [Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone] …..aaaaaand just like that, it comes back up.

Carla and Lance Hoffman badly injured in fire

Blog@Newsarama has a sad story about Carla Hoffman, part-time blogger and employee at Metro Entertainment in Santa Barbara, and her husband, Lance. The two suffered second- and third-degree burns over much of their bodies as they fled a freak flash fire. As revealed in an update, their home and belongings have also been completely destroyed. […]

Bond mania hits Big Apple

By Steve Bunche, entertainment ronin Keeping the vibe of old school fandom alive, Michael Carbonaro’s always-welcome Big Apple Convention once more sets up shop this weekend at Manhattan’s Penn Plaza Pavilion and celebrates the release of the twenty-second film in the James Bond series, QUANTUM OF SOLACE, with featured guest appearances by actresses Gloria Hendry […]

More technical problems

If you’re reading this with your morning coffee, it’s because our Internet has been off all night. Thanks, Time-Warner Cable! Posted via iPhone [Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

HEREVILLE goes to Abrams

HEREVILLE, the webcomic by Russ Manning Award nominee Barry Deutsch, has been picked up by Abrams for the book treatment. It’s interesting to note that while the rush to sign cartoonists to book deals for original graphic novels has definitely subsided a bit, the publishing world is increasingly looking to webcomics. Trend alert. Amulet Books […]