Fun and Games: Running the Comics Marathon


While ensconced at The Beat Annex located in mainland New York City for what will be a nine-day weekend, I had to use my wits to keep from going stir-crazy from cabin fever. Yet fevers can be inspirational, and when I heard that the New York City Marathon was canceled yesterday, inspiration struck!  I had […]

LACMA’s Call For Comics

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, one of the most august art institutions in the nation, has put out a call for comics: This fall LACMA will open Heroes and Villains: The Battle for Good in India’s Comics, an exhibition that will draw connections between ancient Indian epics and contemporary India’s booming comic book […]

California Dreaming, Part Three

A special report by Zena Metal Lost, Lost, Lost, Lost, mother’effen Lost! Arguably one of the greatest—and most heavily expounded upon—TV shows of the last millennium held its annual panel at San Diego Comic-Con, and being that the forthcoming season will also be the series’ last, both stars and creators upped the ante with lots […]

California Dreaming, Part Two

A special report by Zena Metal Day Two of San Diego Comic-Con 2009 was a star-studded affair as dozens of Hollywood elites came down to pander their wares. A-list actors like Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Cameron Diaz, Megan Fox, Josh Brolin, and Robert Downey Jr. were among the bigger names making appearances whilst promoting a […]

SD09: Radical Comics #3735

Arthur Suydam, David Hines and Gene and Nick Simmons are just a few of the folks signing at the Radical Comics booth. In its grand return to San Diego Comic-Con International, Radical Publishing is holding nothing back with its largest booth space ever. The new 30×30 island space, with it’s large overhanging sign and the […]

SD09: Fantagraphics — #1716

You will not go wrong stopping by and purchasing some of these debuts. Anyone know of anything happening next week? Oh, right. There is a “comic book” convention! Yes, Fantagraphics will be returning to Comicon, as we do every year, much like the swallows to San Juan Capistrano. We will have a slew of new […]

Help John Ostrander keep his eyesight

John Ostrander is a writer who has done an incredible amount of work in this business, and entertained and enlightened readers for more than two decades. Grimjack, Munden’s Bar, Star Wars, The Kents…you name it, he’s done it. And not just space filling make work…John CARES about the reader…and it shows on every page. He’s […]

Marvel does yaoi?

From the Marvel catalog — cover image tragically not available: MARVEL BROMANCE #1 If This Be Bromance–! Marvel’s greatest buddies take the spotlight in this one-of-a-kind collection, and it’s male bonding like you’ve never seen — as Cable and Deadpool swap stories, Wonder Man and the Beast share a plane ride, Spidey and the Human […]

GREEN RIVER KILLER roams at Dark Horse

In more upbeat Dark Horse news, a preview of this weekend’s Emerald City Con includes news of an intriguing nonfiction graphic novel: an account of the horrific Green River Killer by the son of the detective who arrested him. Gary L. Ridgway was convicted in 2003 of murdering 48 women over a 20 year period […]