SDCC ’15: Where to eat at Comic-Con? Burning Kitchen has the list


There may be many food guides to Comic-Con, but our go to is Darlene Horn of My Burning Kitchen, who not only knows her way around the taco trucks but is married to cartoonist Paul Horn, and they’ve even collaborated a book of food-themed comics. Her food guide for 2015 has just been posted and we love it. How much do we love it? It even mentions Vietnamese Coffee.

The guide has all the basics — Ralphs— plus hidden gems, getaways and the name of San Diego’s hottest dining district…hint: it isn’t the Gaslamp.


Bazooka Joe gets a new look


Bazooka Joe, the icon of Bazooka brand bubble gum, and star of countless mini comic strips packaged with that gum, has a new modern look consisting of “a stylish, modern version of his well-known ensemble of jeans, t-shirt, and baseball cap.” The new look was chosen in an online voting process by fans, with artists offering up their looks. (You can see some of them here,) The winner was designed by Victor Intrasombat of Clockwork Animation. The new look will be given a renewed push for merchandise and gum pack comics.


Review: Avengers–themed Aged White Cheddar Pirate’s Booty


I review a puffed rice and corn cheese snack that is Avengers themed.


NYCC ’14 Nom Nom: the special foods of New York Comic Con


The folks at ReedPOP have a bit of a reputation as foodies, and their shows always have some interesting food ties in. Super Week is no exception and several New York food institutions are joining in the fun with special menu items.


The Beat MoCCA Festival Dining Guide — 2014 Edition: Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts


Photo of Kalustyan’s via Five years of MoCCA at the Lexington Armory! We’ve seen a lot of pizza come and go. Although the area surrounding the Armory is both drab and expensive, because of its proximity to the Baruch College campus, there are several cheap and tasty eats nearby. Due to the whirlwind churn of […]


Sad news for MoCCA Fest attendees: Baoguette has closed


While walking around the ‘hood recently, I’d been noticing that Baoguette, the gourmet banh mi outpost on Lexington opposite the Armory, was ominously closed; today the construction notices and lack of signs made it final: Baoguette is no more. Opened in 2009 or so by celebrity chefs Michael Huynh and Thao Nguyen, Baoguette’s sandwiches led […]


The Angoulême Dining Guide: it’s a lot more than crêpes


by Abby Denson, with Jessica Abel and Xavier Lancel So you’re going to Angoulême? Lucky you! I’ve exhibited with Xavier Lancel for the past several years and thought I’d share some of my favorite places to eat while at the festival. Even better, Angoulême resident Jessica Abel kindly agreed to vet my suggestions and add […]


Revealed: Vietnamese Instant Coffee turns you into the world’s most powerful person


You know how sometimes being a snoopy Lois Lane leads you to discovered things you wish you hadn’t? Or how innocent symbologist Robert Langdon was just puttering along when suddenly the Pope was trying to strangle him? That’s what we have on our hands here. I made my regular pre-Comic-Con trip down to Tin Tan […]


Review: Trader Joe’s Instant Coffee Packets


Veteran readers of this site know that if three’s one thing The Beat is obsessed with it’s Vietnamese Instant Coffee. This amazing product as sold by Vinacafe comes 24 packets for $3.50 and provides an all-in-one mix of coffee, milk and sugar that packs a morning wake up punch as strong as Anderson Silva. These […]


The MoCCA Dining Guide 2013 Edition


This is our fourth guide to dining in the mysterious area surrounding the Lexington Armory on 26th and Lexington, and in the last year this area—now known at NoMad—has become one of the city’s culinary hot spots, with high-end restaurants like The Nomad and Maysville getting the ink. But fear not, as always, there is much cheap (well, by New York City standards) yet amazing grub to be grabbed nearby. Of course, great food is always a subway ride away, but if you don’t mind walking a few blocks you won’t be disappointed. We’ve updated some of last year’s listings but there are some new standouts.


March Mayhem at Stately Beat Manor!

Once again, it’s that time of year again!  Sports geeks speculate who will make the Big Dance, who got snubbed, and who will be the Cinderella Team this year.  Billions of dollars are wagered on the outcomes, as casual fans contemplate the 68 teams and fill out numerous brackets. It’s not uncommon among comics fans […]


Review: Relish- food and comics, a happy marriage


Relish by Lucy Knisley First Second A few years ago, if you were told about the rise of the Internet and asked to predict one of the top things that people would blog and post about, can you honestly say food would have been up there as a contender? And by food, I don’t mean […]


Beverage review: This stuff is da bomb


If you’ve been following me on the internet for any length of time, you know I have always been obsessed with finding the perfect refreshing drink, whether it’s long gone Pepsi Blue, Code Red, Ca Phe Sua instant coffee, Starbuck’s much missed Tazo Berry Chai, Dunkin Donuts’ Mango Fruit Blast and so on. Well, here is a new one, the Bai5 line of antioxidant waters. I was describing my favorite flavor, Congo Pear, the other day and said “It’s got real pear juice and coffee fruit and white tea extract! It’s a water-based drink!” to which someone replied “So it’s pear-flavored coffee tea water?”


Say It Ain’t So!: Bazooka Joe To Be Replaced


He was created by a cartoonist who was (in)famous for his pornographic comics, and written by a noted underground cartoonist (and later drawn by another!  And then another!). He’s one of the few iconic advertising candy characters, and along with Twinkies, one of the few brands to use comics to sell the product. He’s known world-wide, […]


All the Hostess comics ads in one creamy cake


While for a few days there it looked like the indestructible Twinkie had ben felled by bad management and union politics, it seems everyone involved is going to give it another go. While we sit back and imagine a world of endless Devil Dogs, you can also enjoy ALL the Hostess comics ads archived at The Hostess Page on one of the internets early adapters,


Ding-Dong the Twinkie’s Dead


Hostess ,  the maker of guilty pleasures such as Wonder Bread, Twinkies and Ding-Dongs have anounced they are filing for bankruptcy because of the strike by their employees protesting to accept a new contract that would reduce their wages and benefits.  This will result in over 18,500 workers losing their jobs and closing of 33 bakeries and 565 distrubtion […]