Meet Diane Nelson! – UPDATE

UPDATE: This interview with Nelson by Sharon Waxman at The Wrap addresses a few of those pressing issues and establishes that Nelson is not a comics fan “by nature.” So: a girl running a comic book operation? Isn’t this a young, male-centric market?I prefer to be known as an executive rather than a girl. It’s […]

SD09: When former sitcom stars go wild

Will THIS be what kills San Diego? Nah. We wouldn’t give ’em the satisfaction. Swing on by and meet David “Bud Bundy” Faustino and Corin Nemec (TV’s “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose”), stars of the hit raunchy online “reality” series from Sony’s  Got any spare change? These actors are starving for a network deal. 

When Worlds Collide

As us nerds remember all too well from high school, the “jock clique” and the “geek clique” don’t often mix well. So, imagine what it was like the other day when the Mets (the favored team in Stately Beat Manor) arrived at their hotel in Pittsburgh to see a furry convention going on. That led […]