Does the man have a point?

So Darwyn Cooke got caught on video saying that superhero comics should “…stop catering to the perverted needs of forty-five-year-old men.” He called out rape, children being forced to eat rats, explicit sex, foul language, and a lack of new characters. And now some people are getting upset. Oh come on, like you’ve never thought any of that.

Unfortunately the whole thing got derailed by his swipe at turning Batwoman into a lesbian, which came off as rather homophobic to some. Personally, I have to admit, I read it more as the character continuity issue of a man who likes his Bronze and Silver Age comics, which is somewhat humorous, given that he’s complaining about comics being ruled by the whims of forty-somethings, but he is large, he contains multitudes. (To which I say, Darwyn, it wasn’t “overnight”. She may have been around since 1956, but she hadn’t made any significant appearances since Crisis on Infinite Earths which basically changed everything. SEE? I can be as big of a geek as you are.)

So let’s break this down from the point of view of someone who is not forty five or male — me.

Harvey Awards night turns into Waid/Aragones copyright/left free for all

If you were following our live tweets of the Harveys last night, (and those from ComixMix and JahFurry) you saw portions of Mark Waid’s keynote speech transcribed. While claiming it was a “vodka-fueled rant,” Waid delivered a heartfelt, if off-the-cuff, talk on the importance of the idea and the supremacy of comics as a medium of ideas. He started off with remarks on the history of copyright, stating it was a means to allow ideas to go into the public domain where they could remain powerful. “No one would say we’d be better off if Shakespeare plays weren’t allowed to be read and performed in high schools,” he used as an example. While not advocating piracy, his main argument seemed to be that it’s already done, the genie is out of the bottle, and struggling to keep ideas protected isn’t as important as finding a way to profit from those ideas.

Alan Moore says No to “Dopey Prequels and Sequels”, WATCHMEN, and possibly comics

Comics mastermind Alan Moore, creator of creator of WATCHMEN, not to mention V FOR VENDETTA, LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, and many, many more says he’s told DC Comics to go jump in a lake. According to Moore in an interview with Wired’s blog, Underwire, DC offered him the rights to WATCHMEN back in exchange for writing “some dopey sequels and prequels”.

The Marvels of Dubai

Concept art by Chimera Design from the long-planned Dubai World Marvel Super Heroes Theme Park is making the rounds, and its pretty jaw-dropping. While Dubai’s role as the crazy and wasteful oasis of surreal excess may have been scaled back a bit by the Great Recession, this is still in the planning stages. At a […]

First PLANETARY, now this. What’s Next? BIG NUMBERS?

While everyone marveled at PLANETARY 27 finally being published, a much less important book will also debut this week. The often-delayed issue four of ODESSA STEPS MAGAZINE makes its first appearance at the Baltimore Comic Con this weekend (see earlier post for more details). In this issue, you can find such diverse things as an […]