The Life and Times of Paul the Psychic Octopus

We’re sad and yet glad that the World Cup is over. Sad because it was fun and exciting and we actually hung out more with friends than we have in months because we were always getting together to watch the game, and sharing it with pals worldwide through Twitter. Although the Netherlands-Spain final was the kind of shitty game that makes people who don’t like soccer continue to not like soccer, it wasn’t representative of the tourney as a whole. Sad because there was so much to see and ponder in “the beautiful game.”

But we’re also glad because things that are fun and exciting are the most fun and exciting when they come and go and leave you wanting more.

Of course, the breakout star of the Cup was not Ronaldo or Kaka or Messi but an unassuming mollusk whose psychic powers amazed the world. Yes, it was Paul The Psychic Octopus whose stunning 8-for-8 predictions have left scientists and sports fans reeling with questions regarding cephalopod intelligence, the possibilities of psychic powers, and tentacled understanding of the passing game and the offsides rule.

Art Attack: The Rogue Taxidermy Show

The Rogue Taxidermy Show at La Luz De Jesus Gallery Past Shows. Above: “Turkelaeopteryx (aka Squirkey)” by Sarina Brewer.

Kibbles 'n' Bits — 4/20/10 non-con news

§ Gene Colan has been hospitalized with a broken shoulder and will not be able to work for a while, so friends are raising money for him via an auction. § The Financial Times looks at the phenomenon of pop stars writing comic books The success of the series has also opened the door for […]

You know you want it: SDCC exclusive Claire Bobble Head

Toy shelf space is at a premium these days, but we have to admit, this Claire Littleton Bobble Head from Bif Bang Pow!, complete with gun and a substitute baby made from animal parts, has that certain je ne sais quoi. (The hair is a little too neat, though.) It’s available as an exclusive for […]

Squid report

Everyone once in a while we are wont to check in at the Gama-Go store to see what cool new designs we’ll be longing for, and being the squid-lovers that we are, this cephalopod assault on one of freedom’s greatest symbols just shot to the top of the shopping list. Too bad it’s for guys! […]

Imaginova baffled by beaver?

The recent news of Newsarama’s sale to has kind of faded into the woodwork — the site seems to have just kept on going, the only change a new list of sister sites at the bottom of each page. The change was probably for the best. It’s no secret that Newsarama’s previous owners, Imaginova, […]

Kids discover mysterious new creature, beat it to death

Hairless corpse believed to be a strange new mutant creature. The mysterious beast crawled feebly from a cave in Panama, so alarming local youths that they were forced to beat it to death. Because that’s what kids with sticks do, by God. Now, we suspect that this thing was not crawling anywhere. It really does […]

SDCC Safety Alert: Beware the jumbo squid!

Oh yeah, baby it’s on! Angered after being left out of the WATCHMEN Director’s Cut, jumbo squid are swarming the oceans near San Diego because it’s PAYBACK TIME. The beaked Humboldt squid, which grow up to 5ft (1.5 metres) long, arrived off the city’s shores last week. Divers have reported unnerving encounters with the creatures, […]


Consider this a plug! Evan Dorkin delivers his pitch for BEASTS OF BURDEN, a four-issue miniseries written by him and painted by Jill Thompson: I do know what the deal on the comic is: It’s $2.99 for 23 pages of story and art (the first issue is 23 pages, the others are 22), wonderfully painted […]

Don't miss TV: The Whale that Exploded

This is so not comics, except for the fact that it has captured the imagination of Twitterers over the last week or so! Today at 5 EDT on the National Geographic channel, perhaps the most riveting TV show of all times is airing: The Whale that Exploded . The story is so Apollonian in its […]

Speaking of cryptozoology…

We had a chance the other day to do something not particularly comics related and attend the press preview of the new Extreme Mammals exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. Being as fascinated by the wonderful world of weird mammals as the average geek, this was a great pleasure — the show includes […]

Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus

Pretty much what it says. Personally, we feel it is unnecessary to actually make this movie…the trailer is a fine short film that says it all about the human condition.

Crabapple’s MoCCA Fest poster unveiled

Over on her blog, Molly Crabapple has posted her poster for this year’s MoCCA Festival, held June 6-7. Not only does the art feature an octopus — always a favorite here — but it’s the first hint we’ve seen of this year’s guests — David Mazzucchelli, Seth, Adrian Tomine, Al Jaffee, Arnold Roth, and many […]

Kitties and puppies

Let’s relax a little today with another page from BEASTS OF BURDEN, the Evan Dorkin/Jill Thompson miniseries coming later this year. And the cover to issue #2 of LOCKJAW AND THE PET AVENGERS by Karl Kerschl. Don’t you feel better?

Rick Veitch’s Face Hugger

The scary thing is…this really EXISTS!

Help Stan Sakai identify this drawing

Flog poses this question: Do YOU know this beast? as we imagine a world where this image is posted on every telephone pole in the neighborhood.