Kalinara and Ragnell return

Fandom’s deadliest duo are back: Ragnell (Lisa Fortuner) and Kalinara (Melissa Krause) are two writers who founded the link blog When Fangirls Attack and set off a whole generation of conversation and outrage. A few years ago they passed WFA to others due to real life stuff — Ragnell is in the Armed Forces, and Kalinara was in school — but it’s kind of foundered since they left — two posts explaining why there are no posts since October. So R&K are back with a NEW link blog Dispatches From The Fridge,

Does the man have a point?

So Darwyn Cooke got caught on video saying that superhero comics should “…stop catering to the perverted needs of forty-five-year-old men.” He called out rape, children being forced to eat rats, explicit sex, foul language, and a lack of new characters. And now some people are getting upset. Oh come on, like you’ve never thought any of that.

Unfortunately the whole thing got derailed by his swipe at turning Batwoman into a lesbian, which came off as rather homophobic to some. Personally, I have to admit, I read it more as the character continuity issue of a man who likes his Bronze and Silver Age comics, which is somewhat humorous, given that he’s complaining about comics being ruled by the whims of forty-somethings, but he is large, he contains multitudes. (To which I say, Darwyn, it wasn’t “overnight”. She may have been around since 1956, but she hadn’t made any significant appearances since Crisis on Infinite Earths which basically changed everything. SEE? I can be as big of a geek as you are.)

So let’s break this down from the point of view of someone who is not forty five or male — me.

EXCLUSIVE: The Beat to leave Publishers Weekly

It’s been a great 3 1/2 (!) year run here at Publishers Weekly, but all good things must end, and in the very near future, The Beat will be moving to its own website: www.comicsbeat.com. PREPARE TO BOOKMARK! The move is a combination of many things, but mainly the fact that PW is focusing on […]

Geeks prefer to read about themselves on the Internet

The proliferation of nerd-centric blogs on the internet continues. GeekWeek launched not ago, a sort of Huffington Post for topics ranging from nerd news to music to sports. It’s spearheaded by Jeff Katz of American Originals with many other contributors. Mediaite, Dan Abram’s media site has just launched Geekosystem, another geek-o-centric blog with such pieces […]

Comics Twart art blog debuts

A new place on the web to look at things! Namely Comic Twart a group art blog featuring Dan McDaid, Declan Shalvey, Tom Fowler, Andy Kuhn, Nathan Fairbairn, Evan “Doc” Shaner, Urban Barbarian, Ramón Pérez, Francesco Francavilla, Mr. Hawthorne, Mitch Breitweiser, Steve Bryant, Mitch Gerads, Chris Samnee and Ron Salas Ths contrbutrs are starting out […]

YES!! Kenneth Smith blogs!

One of the print world’s proudest traditions has finally come online as Kenneth Smith has begun to blog at TCJ.com with a breezy little squib called Privatism, Idiotism, “Atomism”: Modern Isolationism. A philosopher/artist who did some covers for EERIE and CREEPY back in the day, with a pointillist/Virgil Finlay/Corben-esque style, Smith is best known these […]

The lost Best Comics of 2008 Meta-List–reconstructed

Last year, blogger Dick Hyacinth presented the world with a time-consuming project — compiling the 2007 best comics of the year lists into a critical consensus — much in the manner of the Village Voice’s old Pazz and Jop critics poll. He started doing the same for 2008 but suddenly, right in the middle…he disappeared, […]

What’s it REALLY like to be a blogger???

As we continuously hyped, we were on a panel at the Royal Flush Festival on Saturday about blogging, along with celebrity news blogger Michael K. and film bloggers Brandon Harris and Brandon Kim . The panel was moderated by legendary punk cartoonist John Hölmstrom, which was cool in itself. We are always happy to compare […]

Blogosphere vs the FTC

This being the blogosphere and all, there was lots o’ reax yesterday to the announcement that the FTC will fine bloggers $11,000 if they “endorse” products they received for free. According to the FTC, an endorsement is the same thing as a review, which is nonsensical, but these are wonks we’re dealing with. In theory, […]

New Blogs! Bell! Drechsler! Trouble!

§ Gabrielle Bell has a blog in which she shares her mysterious, haunting comics. (Link via Claire Bennett) § Debbie Drechsler (DADDY’S GIRL) has a new site with her portfolio and a blog where she posts her nature sketches. Fantastic. (Link via Mike Baehr.) § Alan David Doane has organized a new blog called Trouble […]

Brian Chippendale analyzes DAREDEVIL

Brian Chippendale is blogging. This Brian Chippendale. But he’s blogging about…DAREDEVIL. Matt Murdock was the second most important character in this mega-issue. Master Izo has shown us his legacy and we are happy he invited us in. finally, why not a drunken kung fu master to brighten the day with mixed up morality. Marvel should […]

OH NO, not the gossip war again.

Sometime in the night, the marvelous Gail Simone went on Twitter and spoke thusly: Do We Need Tabloid And Gossip Comics Journalism? which Rich Johnston picked up at the above link. Simone is no stranger to the message board, so the debate continues in the link and its very own Twitter topic. Now, I haven’t […]

California Dreaming, Part Two

A special report by Zena Metal Day Two of San Diego Comic-Con 2009 was a star-studded affair as dozens of Hollywood elites came down to pander their wares. A-list actors like Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Cameron Diaz, Megan Fox, Josh Brolin, and Robert Downey Jr. were among the bigger names making appearances whilst promoting a […]

California Dreaming, Part One

A special report by Zena Metal Day One of San Diego Comic-Con 2009 has come and gone, and though my heart feels a little bit heavier for not being a part of it, I’ve resigned myself to playing armchair critic in addition to my role as The Beat’s second-string reporter this weekend. Just think of […]

A stupid question

Whatever happened to Dick Hyacinth’s year-end survey survey?

Random linkage

§ Shaenon K. Garrity looks at the sad status of the comic book message boards and the result is savagely insightful from top to bottom: Once, Kyle Baker went on the DC message boards to promote his then-new run on Plastic Man. He was chased away under a hail of abuse and slurs in under […]