James Kochalka's new Tumblr

James Kochalka has a new tumblr called KOCHALKALAND and it includes doodles and noodles in the Tumblr way, such as the above piece of art for an iPad sequel to Kochalka’s video game Glorkian Warrior. The sequel is called Glorkbot’s Mini Adventure, for iPad and other platforms. The game is being developed by Kochalka and Pixeljam.

Must Read: Thoughts on the comics life

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve seen Tom Spurgeon’s essay on facing a life threatening illness, an illness which led to his unexpected blogging absence earlier this summer, and which still affects him, although he’s recovering. Since looking death in the face usually prompts some inventory of life, Spurgeon does just that in an astonishing essay that covers his life and his life in comics, if there is a difference. That a man fighting for his life should spend that time thinking about the Green Lantern movie is both ridiculous and awesome — Tom’s thoughts on why we chose the comics life and why we stay there speak for me about 80% of the time. It’s not that we have on choice, but rather why would we WANT to leave a field that is full of such honest, unpretentious work and creative, life-loving people?

The Comics Reporter has returned

Since going on a nearly month long hiatus from blogging, Tom Spurgeon has left indie comics readers in serious withdrawal from golden age comics reprints, indie comics art dumps, old photos of cartoonists doing things, and of course, insightful commentary. Luckily
as of today Tom is back to blogging today, with a San Diego preview, and a look at why it may have been time for the Xeric to go. Sadly, the elements that caused the hiatus have also prevented him from making the San Diego trip, but we’re sure that he’ll give better coverage from afar than most of us could do from the ground.

Wolk’s Dredd Reckoning

Douglas Wolk is blogging about Judge Dredd . The author of “Reading Comics,” has presented us with several specialized comics blogs in the past — like his amazing 52 Pickup analyzing all the metadata of DC’s 52 — but now he’s wading right in to the world of the ultimate law, and one of Britain’s most popular native characters:

Meta: The Beat is one of the Top 10 Comics Blogs You Should Read for Uninteresting Future Talk

What is the most uninteresting topic that The Beat covers? VOTE NOW!

DC blog enforcer cracks down on comments

It seems there is a new sheriff in DC’s digital town, and she goes by the name Molly Merrell. This new member of DC Online has just delivered a smackdown on rowdy posters at DC’s Source blog:

Jim Shooter blogs

“On a November day in 1957 I found myself standing in front of Miss Grosier’s first grade class in Hillcrest Elementary School in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, trying to think of a really good word. She had us play this game in which each kid had to offer up a word to the class, and for every classmate who couldn’t spell your word, you got a point–provided, of course, that you could spell the word. Whoever got the most points received the coveted gold star.”

Comics Internet roundup: TCJ, Wizard, Neilalien, Roger Langridge

Major changes, the Twiter brain drain affects one cartoonist, and farewell to an original.

Comics Alliance now most visited comics website

E-i-C Laura Hudson tweeted that the HuffPo/AOL alliance was yet to have any effect on AOL’s comics blog, Comics Alliance, it seems that now AOL is sending out PR about sub-site achievements. Congrats to the Krew!

Webcomic Creators and Nerd Rapper UNITE

In as unstable job market as we have today, three men have decided to give their art their full time attention, their all. Writer and artist of Let’s Be Friends Again!, Curt Franklin and Chris Haley respectively started their witty webcomic on the print comic world and what it means to really be friends in 2008. Eugene Ahn aka nerd rapper Adam WarRock quit his career as an attorney in 2010 in order to follow his heart and let his mouth fly. Today they announced the joining of their two ventures into LBFA!, Inc.

1/20/11: Everyone's a critic

Well, someone had to do it: Sean T. Collins delves deep into Google cache and old wounds to give a critical look at the legacy of Dirk Deppey and ¡Journalista!. Like pretty much everyone we talk to, Collins feels that the recent ¡Journalista! as found on the revamped TCJ.com was not as effective as the earlier one. And Collins points out that Deppey himself had much to answer for in the woeful rollout of TCJ.com:

Law and the Multiverse: an interview from the courthouse

Ever since their autumnal launch of Law and the Multiverse, James Daily and Ryan Davidson, two stalwart attorneys licensed to practice law in Missouri and Indiana respectively, have used not a brush or nib but the digital pen to question what many fates are in store for superheroes should the law of our land ever […]

Tumbling Tumblr blogs: Kanye + Comics

It is impossible not to feel that this Kanye + Comics blog unites the voice for our times with some kick-ass comics panels.

Tumbling Tumblr blogs: A Nice Cup of Comics

In the ever proliferating world of highly focused Tumblrs about comics, how can one not adore A Nice Cup of Comics which features people having a nice hot cuppa? Above, Wolverine Tea Party by Mike Maihack; below, Cap from TRUTH: RED, WHITE, AND BLACK #7 by Robert Morales and Kyle Baker.

May It Please The Court…

The New York Times spotlights a new comics blog investigating Superhero law. Law and the Multiverse: Superheroes, Supervillains, and the Law investigates how everyday law would affect superheroes.  Contracts, immigration, insurance claims, and the Americans with Disabilities Act are just some of the recent discussions.  (Is Clark Kent a legal U.S. citizen?  Is a mutant gene a disability?)  […]

Farewell, Dirk

While I was off the grid, the Blogfather Dirk Deppey announced via Twitter that he had been laid off by Fantagraphics: I’ve been laid off from Fantagraphics. Wednesday will be my last day as The Comics Journal’s newsblogger. Sean Kleefeld has the best roundup I’ve read of reactions and the state of the blogosphere. He […]