CBR.com has new design, rebrand, no blogs


Oh speaking of comics media consolidation, which we do weekly here at Stately Beat Manor, comicbookresources.com, the longest running and biggest site about comics, has rebranded as cbr.com, and with a complete redesign. For you nostalgics out there, I saved a screen shot of the old site. CBR was purchased by Valnet back in April, […]

Comics media watch: De Blieck debuts PipelineComics.com and more on Tilting at Windmills


In case you missed it, yesterday retailer Brian Hibbs’ long running Tilting at Windmills column found a new home here at The Beat after a long run at Comic Book Resources.

Augie De Blieck Jr’s long running Pipeline column has also moved: the regular column will run at Comicbook.com and he’s just launched his own site Pipeline Comics:

SDCC ’16: State-of-the-State: The New Comics Journalism Panel


by Nancy Powell The Comics Beat’s own Heidi MacDonald moderated a Thursday evening panel discussion on the state-of-state of comics journalism, featuring Megan Purdy of Women Write About Comics, Brett Schenker of Graphic Policy and Mark Stack of Comics Bulletin. What they had to say about the challenges of writing against the backdrop of media […]

Comics blog death watch: The Hooded Utilitarian goes into the long hiatus of unknown length


Here’s a brief burst of non SDCC news: Noah Berlatsky announced that The Hooded Utilitarian blog is going on hiatus: Hey all. I wanted to tell you that HU is going on semi-hiatus, at least for the summer, and possibly for good. We’ll see what happens, but my family is moving in the next couple […]

Comics Journalism: You get what you pay for


We lost another one yesterday. David Harper of the oft-linked to and discussed Sktchd sitecalled it quits after a year of think pieces, surveys, podcasts and charts. He’ll continue doing his podcast after a break for the warm Alaskan summer, but those long investigations are a thing of the past. The reasons were the usual: burnout from writing about what you love.

Pages, Sunny Singh and The Kickstarter Underdog: How I plan to fund my first comic


Who am I? Nobody important. Well, as far as the Independent Comic Book scene is concerned. Go ahead. Google Sunny Singh. You won’t see a thing about Comics. Maybe some banging Punjabi music. But that’s as far as your search for me goes.

Ch-ch-ch-changes for The Beat


If you’re a faithful Beat reader, you know the past year has been filled with discussions of the economics of running a comics news website. This talk was prompted by an unprecedented run of comics sites closing down or losing key personnel. I summed up a lot of my thoughts back in September, pointing out that the realities of the web make running any kind of independent site very difficult these days.