Nice Art: Kyle Baker’s variant cover for Black Panther #3 AND FREE COMICS


   Via this month’s solicits. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Kyle a bit and interviewing him for an upcoming “More to come” podcast. Circuit Breaker, his long brewing series written by Kevin McCarthy for Image is just out, and Baker is reprinting his graphic novels in a handy smaller size. You can […]

TCAF guest list expanding with even more international cartoonists

tcaf poster

  TCAF is coming down the pike, with dates of May 14th and 15th, and the guest list includes the usual bounty of international domestic and American. More are being announced daily but here’s the line-up thus far, and the poster by Kate Beaton: Canadian Cartoonists Kate Beaton – National treasure, creator of beloved graphic novels Hark! […]

As cartooning becomes a female dominated profession, will rates get lower?


As you may have noticed, female cartoonists are dominating sales charts (well graphic novel sales charts, anyway) and awards and current cartooning classes are anywhere from 50 to 75% female. It seems that a majority of the most notable “emerging cartoonists” are women, and a lot of folks have been joking that it’s hard to find up and coming men in comics.

Tolja! WonderCon cracking down on copyright violators


The great unsanctioned print crackdown we predicted a few weeks ago may be roaring down the highway. The following letter has been sent to exhibitors and Artist Alley tablers for next week’s WonderCon: Dear xxxx, WonderCon takes the issue of copyright infringement very seriously. Exhibitors who violate copyright law run the risk of arrest and […]

Penguin Random House Foundation is offering $22,500 in scholarships for graphic novel program


Comics vet Robert V Conte writes to tell us about a unique course for young NYC area comics creators that offers $22,500 in scholarships. Details and how to apply below. Deadline is March 28th. The scholarships are as follows: First Place — $10,000.00 Second Place — $5,000.00 Third Place — $2,500.00 Best of Borough – $1,000.00 each for selected stories in […]

Tribute: Al Jaffee is 95


Yesterday the great Al Jaffee turned 95. He’s been contributing to Mad Magazine for a mere 61 years as the master of the “Fold-In,” a few of which are presented below. Still active and charming as ever, Mr. Jaffee is one of the few people who can genuinely be said to speak with a “stentorian” presence, and I would just sit and listen to him read the phone book.

Robert Kirkman delivers fullsize Deadpool to Rob Liefeld


I believe this is the #1 feel good story of 2016 thus far.

Rob Liefeld and Robert Kirkman have been pals for a while. They’re often spotted plotting together at cons. They’ve even collaborated on a few comics, including Infinite for Image a few years ago.

But this defines a new level of palship.: showing up on your bud’s doorstep with a lifesize Deadpool statue.

LINE Webtoon: readership is 50% female


Mobile comics platform LINE Webtoon is huge in Korea and getting bigger here, and they are no slouches in the diversity department. According to a release, 42% of LINE WEbstoon’s creators are female, 48% of its comics feature female leads, and 50% of its over 6 million daily readers are women. Impressive, if not surprising statistics. And they’ll discuss them more at a “Women in Digital Comics” panel to be held at SXSW on Friday, March 18th. Participants include moderator Tom Akel, LINE Webtoon’s director of content, and 2 Broke Girls’ star Beth Behrs (Dents), digital star Michelle Phan (Helios : Femina), LINE Webtoon creators Kaitlyn Narvaza (Where Tangents Meet, Siren’s Lament) and Susanna Nousiainen (ShootAround), and one of the winners of LINE Webtoon’s recent Superhero Comics Contest, Sandra Diaz (Supersonic Girl).

Must read: Stan Lee, Hero, villain or a bit of both?


Abraham Riesman. New York magazines resident comics expert, has a long and long brewing profile of Stan Lee called Why Is Stan Lee’s Legacy in Question?. It’s a write-around, meaning he never got to talk to Lee personally, but he talked to everyone else, inluding Roy Thomas and Lee biographer Tom Spurgeon. And if you […]

The artist who made the vagina kayak is coming to North America despite jail threat


Rokudenashiko (aka Megumi Igarashi) is a Japanese artist best known for creating a kayak that was based on a 3D scan of…an intimate part of her body. And she paddled around in it. Happily. The Japanese government was somehow offended by this and prosecuted her for obscenity—the trial has taken place and a verdict has not been rendered yet.

Her memoir What Is Obscenity? The Story of a Good For Nothing Artist and Her Pussy, will be published this spring by Koyama Press, and she’s coming to North America for a series of lectures and signings sponsored by arts organizations and free speech advocacy groups. And appearing at TCAF. So you will be able to hear all about her travels and canoeing*** in person.