Must read: Stan Lee, Hero, villain or a bit of both?


Abraham Riesman. New York magazines resident comics expert, has a long and long brewing profile of Stan Lee called Why Is Stan Lee’s Legacy in Question?. It’s a write-around, meaning he never got to talk to Lee personally, but he talked to everyone else, inluding Roy Thomas and Lee biographer Tom Spurgeon. And if you […]

The artist who made the vagina kayak is coming to North America despite jail threat


Rokudenashiko (aka Megumi Igarashi) is a Japanese artist best known for creating a kayak that was based on a 3D scan of…an intimate part of her body. And she paddled around in it. Happily. The Japanese government was somehow offended by this and prosecuted her for obscenity—the trial has taken place and a verdict has not been rendered yet.

Her memoir What Is Obscenity? The Story of a Good For Nothing Artist and Her Pussy, will be published this spring by Koyama Press, and she’s coming to North America for a series of lectures and signings sponsored by arts organizations and free speech advocacy groups. And appearing at TCAF. So you will be able to hear all about her travels and canoeing*** in person.

When will the big players crack down on unlicensed prints?


  For years, there have been rumors of Marvel and Dc shutting down the countless unauthorized prints, t-shirts and sketchbooks sold at conventions featuring licensed characters. While a few people have been shut down for doing something egregious, it’s mostly been a “look the other way” thing, as The Big Two don’t want to be […]

To Do NYC: Dennis Calero speak at Columbia tonight


The Columbia University Science Fiction Society (CUSFS) is hosting a talk with artist Dennis Calerotonight at 7 pm: This event is at 207 Milbank Hall in Barnard College, Columbia University. If you’re not a student, Milbank Hall is the rightmost building when you enter the college gates of Barnard College, Columbia University, at 117 and […]

Deadpool artist Reilly Brown and his new family relocating from a fire and could use a hand


Artist Reilly Brown had a hell of a week last week. On Monday, he and wife Shawna became parents for the first time, with the arrival of the adorable William, above. Brown spent the rest of the week being a new father and also enjoying some of the excitement over Deadpool, as he’s been an artist who helped shape […]

Palmiotti and Conner announce 5 book free signing limit


With the exponential rise in comics shows, and a corresponding rise in attendees, there’s been a lot of talk recently about various pros imposing signing limits or charging for autographs at show, with the money often going to a charity. Popular con guests Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner have just made their policy clear.

Some Hourly Comics 2016 collected: Cathy Johnson, Joe Decie, Tillie Walden and more


Monday, February 1 was Hourly Comic Day, where cartoonists challenge themselves to draw comics every…hour. The results are quotidian and charming slices of lives from around the world. The idea is credited to John Campbell (Pictures for Sad Children) and started back in 2006. Now some of the best cartoonists do them. Alex Jones already […]

You are your environment: Louise Bourgeois, Julia Wertz and the eternal mini-comic problem


Storage: the secret shame of the comics world. Like many in the comics industry I’m a bit of a packrat (to put it mildly) and getting free books all the time doesn’t help. (Tough life, I know.) I was recently reminded of this by a couple of stories. In one, Brooklyn cartoonist Julia Wertz’s tiny […]

MoCCA Festival 2016 announces guests of honor: Bell, Blechman, Gloeckner, Liew and Sugar


The 2016 MoCCA Arts Festival has just announced this year’s Guests of Honor and they are: Cece Bell, author of the phenomenal middle grade graphic memoir El Deafo (winner of the Newberry Honor and an Eisner Award) R.O. Blechman, Emmy Award-winning illustrator, animator, cartoonist and author. Phoebe Gloeckner, whose subversive classic The Diary of a […]