Wondering about Wandering WonderCon

__________________________________________________________________________ Well, WonderCon’s continued presence in San Francisco remains in doubt, as seen here, and mentioned here back in March, as the Moscone Center gives WonderCon the Cinderella treatment.  What’s in store for WonderCon, and what are their options?

Crime Watch: Trailer full of Avatar comics and convention merch stolen

Talk about a lousy break: The van containing all of Avatar’s merchandise from WonderCon that was going on to Emerald City Comicon was stolen from a comics shop parking lot:

David Glanzer on what's up with WonderCon and Comic-Con

[As shown by our lively comments thread on our previous whither WonderCon posts, people love guessing what’s up with Comic-Con! Rather than guess, we sat down with CCI’s VP of Marketing and Public Relations as the show was winding down on Sunday to find out where it will be next year, and what other changes in this year’s Big Show we can expect.]

WonderCon Kibbles: Nerdist meets Muppets, Adventure Time, Super Best Friends Forever, etc., etc.

Videos, links and previews from the nerdly/toonly side of WonderCon.

WonderCon's location in 2013 is still a big question mark

This year’s special Anaheim edition of WonderCon wrapped up as a success with larger than expected crowds, and generally strong sales. After a string of misfires, it was the best show in the SoCal market (aside from the big one, the San Diego Comic-Con) in quite some time.

However just where the 2013 edition of WonderCon will take place is still a “complete question mark” according to CCI’s David Glanzer. San Francisco’s Moscone Center cannot give them dates, and although the intention is to return to Northern California, obviously the show needs a home.

Wondercon: Brian Wood's X-Trip and Dark Avengers

Brian Wood used to be known as a Vertigo writer. Axel Alonso used to be known as a Vertigo editor. When Wood’s time at Vertigo ended, did you think Brian and Axel might have a chat? Maybe.

Wondercon Announcements: Avengers Academy / AVX

Being announced at Wondercon right now: what’s going on with Avengers Academy and the Avengers Vs. X-Men Event.

Rain over WonderCon

It’s a rare day in SoCal with high wind and rain lashing the area around WonderCon.

Which is not good, because apparently the Anaheim Convention Center leaks.

Wondercon Announcements: Spider-Man and Punisher

Spinning out of the Spider-Man panel at Wondercon, we have two announcements: the next Spidey arc (and villain) and a Punisher mini-series that’s a bit different from the monthly.