WonderCon ’15: Recap, Impressions, Big move announcement.

Take a good look at the Anaheim Convention Center, It might be the last WonderCon sees of it.

By Nick Eskey For the three years that WonderCon has been in the Anaheim convention center, I’ve been very fortunate to attend it. I say fortunate because compared to my local San Diego Comic Con, this one is much more relaxed. Replacing the large media influence and the sardine-cramped spaces, there is ease and Fandom. […]

WonderCon ’15: Exhibition Hall Highlights

The guys of CME in front of "Deadeye"

By Nick Eskey Known for being the fan favorite of major conventions, with its relaxed nature and lines, WonderCon has been gaining in popularity over the last few years. For this last WonderCon, I was a little underwhelmed with the pick of panel selections, so I decided to spend more time on the sales floor […]

WonderCon 15’: Toy Collecting for the Modern Age

Daniel Pickett and Scott Neitlich

By Nick Eskey When toy collecting started to become popular, prices were relatively cheap. Now with increased gas prices, higher standards of living, rise of product control, and other associated costs, prices have been steadily on the rise. As a whole, Americans purchase toys for a number of reasons: For their kids, for their collection, […]

Wondercon’15: Pushing Fun Forward Asks the Question, “What Does All-Ages Mean?”

WC anaheim logo

WonderCon brings together an eclectic mix of all-ages books creators.

Westward Ho! WonderCon Wanders to Los Angeles in 2016!

WC anaheim logo

The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog reports: In the Talk Back panel, which closes out the convention annually and where attendees can ask Comic-Con International officials questions and offer feedback, a fan asked if the convention would be returning to Anaheim next year. And the answer, it turns out, is no — likely due to […]

WonderCon ’15 Talk Back Panel Reveals Big Move

President of CCI board of directors, John Rogers

By: Nick Eskey Signaling the end of the three day WonderCon weekend, Comic-Con International’s board of directors president, John Rogers, was joined by Con-goers for the “Talk Back” panel. As opposed to the SDCC Talk Back which normally has a litany of people with grievances, WonderCon’s is known to be almost completely made up of […]

Wondercon’15: Aspen Comics Familiar Places With New Faces

Soulfire Eternal #1

Aspen Comics’ Wondercon panel runs down their 2015 and shows off incredible artwork.

Back in Time: A Back to the Future Celebration

Left to right: Louis Krubich, Jason Aron,

By: Nick Eskey “Back to the Future” has been marked in movie history as one of the greatest. Try to look at a DeLorean and not wonder if there’s a flux capacitor in the back, or whether something weird happens when it hits 88mph. Still to this day, shows and other film make tribute references […]

Review: BATMAN VS. ROBIN An Original Recipe With Familiar Ingredients

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.06.47 AM

DC Animated’s latest original animated feature brings excitement and owls

Wondercon’15: Pre-Show Comics, Comics, and Robots


Comics Beat snuck a peek of some exhibitors on the floor before the opening of Wondercon and this is what we saw.

Saturday sells out at WonderCon Anaheim


Remember when we were urging you to consider going to WonderCon Anaheim if you got shut out of Comic-Con badges? Well, I guess a lot of people did, because Saturday is now sold out! You can still get single day badges for Friday and Sunday, and a FEW 3-day badges. WonderCon Anaheim is held April 3-5 in Monongahela Anaheim. If you want to go…well, maybe you”d better get a badge now.

WonderCon Anaheim reveals Babs Tarr Program Book Cover


Speaking of SDCC, did you know that WonderCon is thrown by the same folks and you can go to the website and buy tickets and book hotel rooms in a totally normal, non-anxious fashion RIGHT THIS MINUTE? It is true that you may not run into Travil Fimmel at the Hilton bar, but you are pretty much still going to have a good time. This years show is April 3-5 at the Anaheim Convention Center, and guests include Babs Tarr, Ed Brubaker, Neal Adams and other people you would probably like to see.

WonderCon Anaheim announces first five guests for 2015


Soon 2014 will be a memory and 2015 will be an itinerary from Travelocity. And WonderCon Anaheim—to be held April 3-5 in Anahaim has announced its first five guests, Neil Adams, Becky Cloonan, Aaron Kuder, Kevin Maguire and Dustin Nguyen. I’m sure many more will be announced, as this has grown to be the SoCal […]

WonderCon: I Didn’t Know That About Len Wein…Also Phantom Stranger may end


by Pam Auditore  Will Eisner Hall of Famer Len Wein walks with a beautifully crafted Giger Alien handled cane, wears his cap jauntily, and exudes a joy of life that entrances fans gathered around the DC booth to see him. As Chris Claremont said in 2009, “The history of modern comics would be incredibly different […]

Lion Forge Comics forges ahead into 2014


New comics company, Lionforge, showed off an intriguing selection of licensed and original comics at Wondercon last weekend.

Interview: Noelle Stevenson talks about her hit book Lumberjanes


Boom!’s new young adult, creator-owned series, Lumberjanes, about a scrappy gang of girls fighting monsters that lurk in the woods behind their summer camp, has been generating a lot of positive buzz and some early reports of solid sales as well. Boom! Confirmed that pre-orders for the first issue topped out at a respectable 16,000 […]