SDCC’13: Heidi’s Monday Podcast with Noelle Stevenson, Stephen Robson and Terry Nantier


Live from San Diego Comic-Con, it’s More To Come! Heidi and Calvin Reid’s podcast from Publishers Weekly Comics World brings you special coverage from San Diego Comic Con. Interviews fresh from the convention floor, with new episodes daily during the con!

In today’s episode, Heidi interviews Noelle Stevenson, creator of the hit webcomic Nimona, about her publishing deal and upcoming work on Adventure Time and The Bravest Warrior,  while Calvin interviews Stephen Robson, founder of the comics publisher Fanfare/Ponent Mon and Terry Nantier of NBM about NBM and the groundbreaking comic Omaha the Cat Dancer in this podcast from PW Comics World.

The con may be over, but More To Come isn’t going anywhere. Tune in for our next regularly scheduled bi-weekly podcast!

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SDCC ’13: Comic-Connies head home to plan for SDCC ’14

The comics fiscal year has ended as Brigadoon folded up its tents and Freeman loaded up the crates.

We’ll have detailed thoughts tomorrow (fingers crossed) but this was a huge year for Monkeybrain, Lego, Skybound, digital, Superman, and people who like sleeping out over night to see panels.

Image had a huge new booth with thick carpeting, and more structured signings. Boom had a bigger booth as well —2 Guns was a lucrative deal both for Boom and Steven Grant.

Panels were often underattended. The offsites are immense and many people went just to see them even without a badge. Sunday’s shopping day was insanely busy. I have never seen so many people on the floor when the 5 o’ clock con ending whistle went off. And they lingered for a long time. There wasn’t enough time to get all the shopping in and the show could have stayed open for hours more. (Not that it should have.)

Similarly, as we walked from dinner to a dead dog party on Sunday night —the same walk we’ve made for 10 years in a row—I have never seen so many people STILL WEARING THEIR BADGES AT 10 PM ON SUNDAY NIGHT. The show is expanding in both physical and temporal aspects.

Above: Nate Powell, Andrew Aydin and Rep. John Lewis at the top Shelf booth where they sold more copies of MARCH than of any book they have ever brought to the show. Perhaps Rep. Lewis put it best when we moronically joked “Which is harder Comic-Con or marching for Civil Rights?” and he said, with deadpan delivery, “I believe the march for civil rights.”

So yeah. Perspective.

SDCC’13: Big Happenings in Small Press

By Carolina Cooney

Small Press is always one of my favorite areas to visit at San Diego Comic-Con. For the bargain hunter, there can be big payoffs, as the artists here are often amazing but relatively unknown and thus attractively priced. Small Press is definitely the place to go to find “the next big thing”. Most artists exhibiting in Small Press are working on independent comics, and thus their original work is their own, as opposed to being owned by a corporation.

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SDCC’13: What is a Superhero?

By Benjamin J. Villareal

While droves of comic book, movie, television, video game, and toy fans roam the San Diego Comic-Con floor booths and exhibit halls, university professors and students are upstairs tackling the big questions through their ongoing research. The Comics Arts Conference is an academic conference that runs in conjunction with both Comic-Con International and Wonder-Con.

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Here’s All Our News from SDCC in One Place

One of the things heard most frequently this weekend online was ‘why is there no comic news coming out of SDCC’? You mean aside from the masses and masses of comics news which came out of the convention, right? The Beat covered basically every single comics company you can imagine, and we’ve still got a LOT more to come! But if you’re looking, here’s a collection of all the SDCC news we’ve reported back for you so far:

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SDCC’13: Nightcrawler Returns in Amazing X-Men #1 from Aaron and McGuinness

The big announcement at the X-Men panel this year was that Marvel have finally decided to pass their Amazing adjective across to their merry mutants: Amazing X-Men #1 is coming out later this year, from the creative team of Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness.

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SDCC’13: Heidi’s Sunday Podcast with Fantagraphics, Rick Geary and more.


Live from San Diego Comic-Con, it’s More To Come! Heidi’s podcast from Publishers Weekly Comics World brings you special coverage from San Diego Comic Con. Interviews fresh from the convention floor, with new episodes daily during the con!

In today’s episode,  Heidi interviews Eric Reynolds, associate publisher of Fantagraphics, on reconnecting with the market, and acclaimed comics creators Rick Geary of A Treasury of Victorian Murder about his art and upcoming work while Calvin interviews Carl Gropper, nephew of Will Eisner and head of the Will and Ann Eisner Foundation, and veteran indie comics creator Keith Knight of The K Chronicles on his comics and Kickstarter experiences in this podcast from PW Comics World.

Stay tuned tomorrow, there will be More To Come!


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SDCC’13: Marvel Announce a Longshot Miniseries

Yeah, who would’ve thought it? Marvel have announced that in November they’ll be publishing a new Longshot miniseries. Longshot! But this mini will be written by Chris Hastings and drawn by Jacopo Camagni, so perhaps there’s hope for it still.

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SDCC’13: 2000AD Brings Thrillpower, Rogue Trooper, Dredd Sequel Comic

As evidenced by the damning photos of an unconscious Tharg curled up drunk under a convention table, 2000AD have been at SDCC in full force this year. Yesterday they teamed up with IDW – who handle the American printing of many of their titles – for a panel where they announced several new projects, and updated several others. [Read more…]

SDCC’13: The Gays in Comics Panel

By Nick Eskey

My first impression when I entered the designated room was that it was much larger than previous years. Last time I was at this panel was in 2008. Then it was located in one of the smaller rooms off to the side. I remember it being quite cramped and stuffy. This year though I found myself in the much more spacious 6A room. Though a number of the seats remained empty, the turnout was much better than last time in ’08. Obviously an indication that more and more gay, lesbian, bi, and transgender individuals are either coming out to share their love of comics, or are just now discovering that love.

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SDCC’13: The Sandman 25th Anniversary Panel

By Nicholas Eskey

Almost 25 years ago, a comic book that really didn’t look, read, or follow the other hero laden stories that were more in circulation hit local store shelves. Its main character didn’t look like any of the flying, spandex wearing beings that saved damsels in distress and diverted near-world-apocalypses. In January of 1989, DC comics under the imprint of Vertigo, introduced the world to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

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SDCC’13: Genre in Comics: Can Image Do Anything?

If today’s “Image Comics and the Genre Fiction Renaissance” panel at Comic-Con can be any guide, there are only two genres in the comic book industry: superheroes and everything else. Image are putting out a lot of ‘everything else’ these days, and genres are crossing like crazy. A panel including Tim Seeley, Mike Norton, Ed Brubaker, Ron Marz and Frank Barbiere gathered to talk genre under the watchful eye of Ron Richards.

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SDCC’13 in Photos: Archaia, Cosplay, Joss Whedon and Hugs

We’re almost reaching the end of San Diego Comic-Con 2013, but before packing her bags and heading back to Chicago, Megan Byrd (@comicbookcandy) has sent two last sets of photos from the festival. There’s cacti made out of yarn, Spider-Man being a dick to Darth Vader, all kinds of amazing cosplay, and shots from Archaia, Boom Studios, and Oni Press! Oh, and Clark Gregg makes an appearance as well…

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San Diego Comic-Con 2013: 2000 people who haven’t showered hit Hall H

Con is over and I haven’t posted for days. Ever since my four panel day on Thursday is just been a marathon of walking, talking, eating and  watching endless parades of people waiting in line, queuing up and questing for the magic moment. San Diego is now a video game where every level is harder than the last, and requires more endurance.

Last night  probably a few thousand people were camped out to get into Hall H, a ragtag army of sleeping bags and lawn chairs. Some had  gear, some were just sitting on a curb in their shorts and t0shirt whiling away the night talking to fellow fans. I admit it’s kind of nuts, but they all had reasons and goals.





Many were holding spots in line, so by the morrow the line would be up to its full 6000. Still, it’s worth noting that as Hall H fills up it will be jammed with people who haven’t showered and spent the night curled up on a patch of cement.





The Saturday night of Comic-Con is always sad, the last glimpse of Brigadoon. Tomorrow, it will all be a memory. And the game will begin again.

I’ll have all my thoughts in a bit.


SDCC’13 in Photos: Fast Cars, Cosplay, Grant Morrison and Puppy Dogs

It’s all happening at SDCC this year, and Megan Byrd has been on hand to document it all for us. Here’s some more photos from yesterday, featuring cosplay en masse, the Eisner Awards, and a DC portrait gallery!

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SDCC’13: Skybound Announce ‘Manifest Destiny’ and ‘Dead Body Road’

Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint had a panel today, during which the company announced two new titles: Dead Body Road from Justin Jordan and Matteo Scalera; and Manifest Destiny from Chris Dingess and Matthew Roberts.

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