SDCC 2012: The Avengers Vs. X-Men Panel

By Todd Allen As you might have guessed, there wasn’t a lot of new news at the Avengers Vs. X-Men panel.  Nobody wants to spoil the ending.  There’s definitely an epilogue in the form of the Consequences mini-series, which will also point the way to what comes next.  (The next Event?  Marvel Now relaunches?  I’m […]

SDCC 2012: The Age of Exclusive Contracts Is Over

Looking for a theme at Comicon isn’t always the most sensible thing to do. It’s a big show and there’s a lot going on. I am, however, seeing some momentum being gathered — in force — from a trend that seemed to spin out of the Image convention this past spring. It’s a little bit more than a movement back towards creator ownership, though that’s certainly part of it. It’s about the era of exclusive contracts dying and an age of , for lack of a better term, playing the field coming back.

SDCC 2012 – Friday Summary

Trying to keep up with all the Comicon News and Announcements? Friday was probably the Comicon equivalent of a slow news day. No giant headlines like Neil Gaiman on Thursday. We’ve still got enough to keep you caught up on.